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English essay part two,

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Dr. Roylott's character causes tension in many ways. First is with his behaviour such as beating his butler to death in India, "hurling" the local blacksmith, bruising Helen stoners arm. Dr. Roylott also causes tension with his interests and his "passion" for dangerous Indian animals. Dr. Roylott also causes tension because he has a motive for killing Julia and Helens mother, his motive is money he would get to keep Helens mothers money if Julia didn't get married so he killed her before she could get married. Dr. Roylott's language and movements cause tension because of the way he is described as "the terror of the village," and "he was a huge man?..face?? marked with every evil passion." and "he resembled 'a fierce old bird of prey.'" by using such a powerful imagery Doyle makes the reader think of him as a huge man with very defining features and a bad temper, the way that Doyle describes him and moves him makes the reader suspect him from the first encounter between Dr. ...read more.


Holmes it is terror," her face was in a " pitiable state of agitation ," and "all drawn and grey with restless frightened eyes like those of some hunted animal," witch gives the impression that someone has died and that Helen Stoner is terrified and in danger also it makes the reader want to know more and in doing so raises tension. In comparison to the description of Helen Stoner and Dr. Roylott Sherlock Holmes is described as speaking "soothingly," and "logically," also as being calm, collected and relaxed this adds tension because he is different to the other characters, because he is very professional and cunning but they are, in the case of Helen Stoner terrified and agitated whereas Dr. Roylott is angry, dangerous and suspicious. The language used in "The Adventure of the Speckled Band," adds tension because it is over 100 years old it was written in 1892 and it uses old words such as "aperture" witch ...read more.


Doyle writes the story as Dr. Watson many years after the event, by writing the story in the first person narrative it adds tension by making the reader feel as if it is a recount from a real event. In conclusion Conan Doyle creates tension and suspense very successfully by using powerful descriptions of settings like Stoke Moran, when he says "a high central portion and two curving wings, like the claws of a crab," this is very affective imagery and a good simile. He also raises tension with the descriptions of the characters like Dr. Roylott, when he says "a large face, seared with a thousand wrinkles, and marked with every evil passion." Another way Doyle raises tension and suspense is with the plot because thought the story the tension is shifting up and down until the climax at Dr. Roylott's death. Finally In my opinion I think that Doyle, very successfully, created suspense and tension in "The Adventure of the Speckled Band." ?? By Stefan Jones ...read more.

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