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English fiction. Unlikely survival

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St Bedes R.C High-school English Coursework Unlikely Survival Two wolf cubs. Eyes locked, waiting. They both twitched a scruffy ear. They raised a paw, and immediately swiped at each other, but only one cub remained, looking very wet and confused. He looked back at where the other cub was and realised he was standing in the Still-Wet that prey and predators from all over came to drink from. The pond or the Still-Wet - as the wolf liked to call it - had ceased rippling from when he had fallen in. The cub stared at himself in the water, fascinated by what he thought was another wolf living under the water. His interest was short lived as he heard three sharp bangs, so loud they left an unpleasant ringing in his ears. He heard his mother yelp, "Uff!" was she warning him to stay away? Or was she angry that he had wandered off from the pack again? Wolf was a naughty cub. He was always getting in trouble for straying away from his pack, but today he just had to see what was down the hill, which was why he found himself looking into the pond. He always eventually returned to his pack and his mother knew that so why was she calling to him now, with such an emotion in her voice that Wolf just couldn't comprehend. ...read more.


After a few minutes, hopefully waiting he finally heard a response, "We will have you. Come to our range little one and run with us", the cub howled his thanks and resolved to find the welcoming pack. He padded around looking for something to eat, he found some juniper berries and a small rotting carcass. He smell - with sadness - that a pack had previously been here, and had recently moved away. * * * Its been many days and nights - or lights and darks to the cub - since he left in pursuit of his new pack. He stumbled through the branches and roots, on the brink of starvation. He looked around. This part of the forest was unfamiliar to him, it unnerved him. The trees were thicker and he could hardly see the Great-Up (sky) through the almost black leaves. Every gnarled root or overturned tree looked like a great beast waiting top grasp him if he strayed too near. It was dark again, although the cub couldn't tell dark from light in this alien world. The cub was almost blind in the pitch black, occasionally stumbling into the odd tree, until gradually he could see a small flickering light in the distance. He galloped to it and saw two Tall-Tailless' (people) saw next to it. Wolf didn't know if these were bad. ...read more.


The Bad-Tall-Tailless stepped out from behind a tree clapping his hands in mock applause. The other wolves fled into the bush but Would stood his ground even-though the man's appearance had shot fear into his heart; his black lips peeled back in a snarl, baring formidable white fangs. He was no longer a cub, but a young male wolf. Wolf roared at the killer. "MURDURER!" The man stood there unflinching muttering something unintelligible to himself. There were yellow scabs on his head and clumps of hair missing. Wolf realised that he must have the sickness too, but it didn't lessen his anger of the Bad-Tall-Tailless. Wolf darted towards the person pinning him on the floor and clamping his teeth around his neck. Bad-Tall-Tailless muttered something before wolf snapped his neck and sent the Bad-Tall-Tailless, tumbling into the never-ending abyss of darkness. His Pack-Brothers crowded around him and helped him climb the hill up-to their den. While Wolf clambered up the hill he pondered over his journey from his old den to his new den. The dangers he's faced, but he couldn't understand why the murderer had followed a lowly, little cub. Did the person not have any bigger more profitable foes to contend with. Or maybe it was the sickness, Wolf concluded. So against all the odds a young, helpless cub found its way through the forest to another pack, where he could nurture and hone his fighting skills that would soon lead to him ruling and protecting his own tribe of wolves... Jade Mullaney. ...read more.

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