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English Film Review

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Certificate: PG | Director: Sam Raimi | My Rating: 'X-Men', 'The Incredible Hulk', 'Daredevil'; all mere wannabes of the ultimate comic book film: - 'Spiderman 2'. The fascinating opening sees us witness the whip-lashing sound from the gallant leap of Spidey - he's back. Inevitably, the red, black and blue spider had to come back and he's back with a bang, starring in a new awe-gaping, swash-buckling feature length film with jaw dropping CGI special effects. Stan Lee's masterpiece comic hasn't previously been justified with the prowess it deserves but that's all about to change. Sam Raimi - director of many great films such as 'A Simple Man', 'The Gift' and the first 'Spiderman' now brings to you 'Spiderman 2'. ...read more.


Superb technical editing sees the titles being orchestrated by black lines reminiscent of a spider's web; the iconographic web relates to the theme of the film. Whew...you may now breathe. When the title sequence finally ends, a drawn picture of 'Mary Jane' (Kirsten Dunst) turns into a photo with a thoughtful voiceover by 'Peter Parker' (Tobey Maguire) talking about his responsibilities. Consequently, a significant sequence of shots breaks to the viewer how 'Spiderman' is like after the first film. This comic book movie has more depth to it than just some drawings. Peter says to himself in the first shot that he is a man of great responsibility, but then in the second shot, he challenges this statement by arriving late for work. ...read more.


Successive scenes continue to show Peter, AKA Spiderman's, failure to cope with his responsibility. With a deeper storyline than before and an exploration into the realms of responsibility and sacrifice, the sequel to 'Spiderman' doesn't fail to shine; will we see Spiderman give up his costume to be ordinary Peter Parker again? Or will he continue to fight against the evils of this world? You just have to find out. Include the use of mouth-watering CGI special effects, the screaming skyscrapers of Manhattan and you won't think about another thing. Easily a B+ film with an experience that will leave your whole body tingling - 'Spiderman 2' is a must. Written by Nishant Mehta ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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