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English GCSE work

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Black men in the American Air force I am studying two poems about black men in the American air force. These are 'Lonely Eagles' and 'Star-Fix' which are both wrote by Marilyn Nelson. She was born in 1946 in Cleveland Ohio where she later became a poet. She wrote many books such as 'The fields of praise' and 'For the bod, Mama's promises'. In both of the poems she is telling us about how differently and how alike the black and white people where treated. Such as in 'Lonely Eagles' she talks about how they where segregated "Segregated airstrips, separate camps". This tells us how they where segregated everywhere, in training and when on base. They would have been treated even worse when out of work as they would have been completely segregated from white people in every aspect. When in the team, crew in the American air force it shows how race is not a factor of being in the team or crew. On the bad end the negative aspects where "Black ground crews kept them in the air; black flight-surgeons kept them alive". ...read more.


"Segregated airstrips" and "They did the jobs they'd been trained to do" both from 'Lonely Eagles' give examples of they may have been treated differently but still had to do the jobs they had learned to do. "He's the only Negro in the crew. The only black flyer on the whole base, for that matters. Not that it does" gives an example from 'Star-Fix', the phrase used does not need to be used but shows how he was the only black person there but to the other member of the crew, it didn't matter, he was apart of the crew. The where treated the same as white man in some ways such as they will still able to have the same jobs together. If they where not in the air force the may have not had this luxury. They where segregated from white people but, white people where also segregated from black people. In both of the poems they express there emotions towards there team and crew. "His crew is a team" shows us they didn't think of each other as people they worked with but friends, a team. ...read more.


'Lonely Eagles' contains much more effective information of how it was like being in the air force, the high and low points. She uses a lot of detail in what she wrote as how she had a strong starting, talking about catch 22 Marilyn Nelson uses humour to emphasis how they where treated and how they felt. "Is still bother me sometime: I was sleeping on his breath" He uses humour here in a very important issue to get it into the readers mind. In the air force they had to try very hard to get very good food and they would have to starve for days just to get food. Being black in America was very hard as blacks and whites where segregated from a lot of stuff such as buses and schools and even toilets. Being in the air force took away some of this and reduced it but overall it would have been better to be in the air force. The most successfully poem out of 'Star-Fix' and 'Lonely Eagles'. Is 'Lonely Eagles' due to it being very much more effective and wants you to read on. It shows you and tells you in more depth how it was to be black in the America air force. ...read more.

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