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English Holocaust Review

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English Holocaust Review I personally think that everyone learning and knowing about what happened during the Holocaust of World War 2 is extremely important because it gives us an understanding of the past and all the tragedies that happened due to Hitler and his group. We should all understand what the Holocaust was so we don't repeat the same, disrespectful faults and mistakes as the furer of Germany. Never under any circumstances should we treat people so poorly and without heart. Everyone has the right to live, and we should all treat others as they would like to be treated. ...read more.


It's vital to protect every child's innocence, as they develop and learn what we teach them. The soldiers weren't born with cruelty nor disrespect for human life, they were taught wrongness. These days some people still judge others on their colour of skin, if they have a disability or not, and their religions, instead of learning and accepting that everyone is entitled to equal treatment. The more time that passes after that horrifying event occurred, it becomes easier to put behind the disasters and forget why we need to value respect so much. ...read more.


We should all wonder why what happened during the Holocaust has not changed many humans' thoughts and opinions on others. We shouldn't have any discrimination and insolence for human life in us at all anymore. Don't we study history to not make the same faults we've made in the past? Some people believe that they have a good reason for their racism and hatred. The Nazi's were racists and they killed out the Jews with no reasonable cause besides the fact that they thought they were not human because of their beliefs. Everyone has the right to have freedom and believe what they want. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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