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English Language Coursework - A Christmas Carol

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English Language Coursework - A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens and published in 1843. This is based on the lives of poor people that in past was so hard to survive as they didn't have enough money. They were treated as animals by the upper class people. They always did the hard work but never not get enough paid. They were unable to provide their families the certain expensive things like fresh food, clothes, and beautiful house with the best furniture. Christmas is acknowledged as a very particular day and instant of life for all Christians. It is very inspiring for Christians to honour the Christmas and of course the memorable day of Jesus Christ birth. Jesus was born to give and spread the message of love all around the world, however when he see people ruining his aspiration, he must be very unhappy and very depressing indeed. The tale is about a greedy and selfish man called Scrooge. He is totally not interested in celebrating Christmas due to having a unique thinking. During the story, he independently meets three ghost from past, present and future. They tell him the mistakes he has made and he is still making and also if he doesn't listen to them, he will also have to go through them as well. ...read more.


to raise the ghost of an a idea which shall not put my readers out of humour with them selves, with each other , with the season or with me." Christmas is the time when rich and poor can be happy and to also be equal. Dickens wrote to reinforce that by giving something to the poor you will be blessed and rewarded from God and not end up like Scrooge. "A few of us are endea vouring to raise a fund to buy the poor some meat and drink, and means of warmth" This quote shows that even busiest business men cares about poor and provide them something so they can celebrate Christmas but Scrooge never helped them, by giving some money, which can bring smile on poor faces. The reason is that he cannot understand someone as he totally turned to evil heart. Scrooge is someone who thinks that Christmas has never bought him happiness so why would he return it by being happy and celebrating it like others do. He also thinks that why spend the money on family and get more poor and why not collect it all the time and become more richer and richer everyday. "What is Christmas time to you but a time for paying bills without money, a time for finding your self a year younger and not a Hour richer." ...read more.


This connotes that he has realised about the biggest mistake he made by losing the perfect girl in his life. The money has changed his personality completely where he had the hunger for money and nothing else. Scrooge's nephew, who is very kind, loves Christmas unlike Scrooge himself and thinks that it is the only time of the year for poor to be happy and also himself. " I've always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round... as a good time, a kind forgiving, charitable, pleasant time." This quote shows that how happy Fred is on Christmas and consider the time for forgiving each other. Charles Dickens has written a very superior story which could turn a bad man or woman to a positive human being because you do not have to guess what happens to scrooge in the end or in the middle because it just tells you that if you turn up like scrooge it would be so difficult for you to be good again. Losing your respect in someone's eyes is very easy but getting it back is very hard. It was Scrooge fault to turn himself into such kind of person but on the other hand it wasn't his fault; money can turn anyone to become a selfish and greedy person. When Scrooge didn't had money his own, he decided to work hard and become rich but at that time he didn't said he'll become so selfish and greedy. Sometimes people do not choose to be what they want, for example like scrooge. ...read more.

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