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The day my life changed Waiting for the buzzer, inside the classroom was the worst thing I have ever done in two months. Staring at every movement for the day to finish freaked some people out. The buzzer rang as if I waited for a thousand years. I jumped up in joy. I unleashed myself, with all this energy I had never seen before. As I opened the door it was raining heavily as if it was a monsoon, the storm was a ferocious symphony of cymbals and drums. Thunder so loud it almost made me deaf. Lightning striking aimlessly like a robot out of control. I stood there in shock; I was stunned; I couldn't believe it all this energy and happiness I had, crept out of me as if I had another soul inside me. I was waiting for the terrible weather that I had seen in my entire life to stop, when a person walked towards me, it said to me, "I'm so sorry for your loss" "Sorry were you talking to me" I replied, she didn't reply back as she knew I had no idea of what happened. I was confused, wondering if she was sane or not, she offered me a lift home, I couldn't refuse it, so I accepted it, just so that I wouldn't become ill from the rainfall. ...read more.


Never again would they be repaired. As the police came roaring down the road in the distance I held her close to me. Even though I held her with love, there was only emptiness inside her head. So many lights flashing in the area and my sister still didn't do anything. So many had left my life this day, the pain was so hard but I had to endure it. My sister was from now on free from pain. I would never tell her what happened to our father. Nor would I assume she had the mind to hear it. They separated us, and even after she took her life at the age of eight I would never tell her what happened to our father. Soon came our mother's funeral, it weather was very dull until everyone showed up. My sister and I did not expect this to happen. When we all gathered up together and the vicar began to start, the sun shone out of the clouds, The light was cautious, as the patronizing beams of radiating glare shined through the atmosphere which forced me to surrender my thanks to God for the outstanding weather especially on this day for my mother's burial ceremony. Then I had this flashback of my dad, my father was not my father when he drank, nor was he the best driver. ...read more.


I followed them, thinking that they were my mother and sister, despite the thunderous storm around me. I wiped my head and continued walking. Where was I to go, I knew not back to where I came. I left my life there. To me life is meaningless without my mother. The rain continued for days even after entering the city, I just assumed it was my mum having some joy and laughter which makes her cry. I had some change in my pocket; I decided to send a letter to my caring foster parents. I did this to apologize and thank them for trying to be something I would never get back. I just keep thinking that those who I love end up dead. Is it me to blame, anything I love becomes a disease and die. I hated life; I was always alone through life and in death. Today it rains, but what will tomorrow bring? I pull something from my pocket the rain thumping and hitting me. No one ever cares, so why should I. I lifted the gun up to my head, tomorrow is not an issue to me anymore. Nor do I care what it will bring, I am alone and no one cares. I pull the trigger and a loud echoing bang is the last thing I hear. . ?? ?? ?? ?? pg1/4 ...read more.

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