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English Language "Great Expectations"

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How is sympathy created for Pip and Magwitch in two extracts of "Great Expectations?" Sympathy is created in 'Great Expectations for Pip and Magwitch by making the reader feel sorry for the fact that both of Pip's parents have passed away along with his 5 siblings. Dickens creates sympathy when he uses 1st person narration as his personal feeling-as a child-can be explored. As the setting and scene of the cemetery is shown, we feel a lot of fear or consideration for the fact that Pip is surrounded with the image of death. We are not given much information as to Magwitch's background other than an implied thought that he is a convict. Sympathy for Pip is further extended as he is still very kind and respectful even though Magwitch is treating him like an inanimate object. "O! Don't cut my throat sir-Pray don't do it sir". Contrastingly, Magwitch talks in an uneducated manner and shows absolutely no resent of the way he is treating Pip. "Now lookee here" and "You young dog". This makes us feel annoyed toward the detail that Magwitch is a middle-aged man and he is 'bullying' a young boy much younger than he. ...read more.


When Pip goes to Miss Havisham's residence he meets Estella- who is under the guardianship of Miss Havisham-he finds her attractive but she insults him about his ordinary background constantly, treating him as alow-grade individual "He calls the knaves, Jacks this boy!" in front of Miss Havisham. Dickens has done this to create sympathy for the fact that even though he is clearly being mistreated, he is still a kind boy. "What do you think of her?"... "I don't like to say," even when asked. Furthermore in this way creates pity towards Pip is that Miss Havisham does not defend him even though it is blatantly done in front of her making him feel ostracised and rejected by the higher class. Pity is created for Miss Havisham indirectly as she manipulates Estella into being callous towards Pip "Well! You can break his heart"; to get revenge on the fact that she had been stood up at her wedding so she wants to dish out what she received. Also she cannot take her revenge on her own so she has to manipulate Estella to do her bidding. ...read more.


The way he explains the house shows his fear but also the way in which he stops during his speech with fear of offending Miss Havisham's and also his physical actions. Evidently, Dickens uses a lit of diverse techniques to create sympathy for the characters within the novel. In the Victorian era books were regularly serialised. So a new part of his novel would be realeased every week to make cliff-hangers and hook people in. Great expectations was serialised for 36 weeks during the year of 1860; this is shown because at the end of each chapter dickens left it on a cliff hanger as there was a strong need to hook and engage the readers into the story quickly, especially in the opening chapter. The novel is also based loosely to Dickens's life, for instance in the marshes in the opening paragraph is set in the overcast, gloomy Kent marshland of Dickens's first childhood memories. Dickens's strong dislike of the class system - perhaps from his personal experience - made him write the novel in such a way as to let the different classes observe the problems created by this ladder; possibly in an attempt to revolutionise it. ...read more.

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