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English Language Speeking

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Inbreed, exaggerated pedigree: I would like to see what man does to his enemies! I can't breathe; the things I should love in life I am unable to do; with every step I take my joints dislocate; my back bone is crooked; I am unable to show affection! Since the day I was born I have had an incessant ache in my head slowly consuming my sanity. But ... I am not disabled! To the contrary, I am a show champion, to breeders all over the UK I am flawless... an aspiration. I am the perfect pedigree. So why is it that I have next to no quality of life? Imagine tiring to get to sleep but every way you turn your body prickles with pain, imagine trying to walk when each step you take hurts just that little bit moor than the last, imagine that this was every second of your life. Would it be worth living? Pedigree dogs started out as just a handful of breeds each dog related somewhere down the line. ...read more.


We walk past the victims every day... Animals that were once a symbol of pride and honour reduced to pitiful crippled creatures. Legs so short they're stomachs drag in the dirt; ears so heavy and oversized their hearing is impaired, neck deformed; sores all over their bodies due to excess flab. These once legendary hunters perfectly proportioned for a life of exhilaration "the chase"; No longer do they stand tall. For as much as they long to take up the stance bestowed upon them by nature, their exaggerated limbs will no longer support it. Why? Because we have all taken perfection ten steps too far. No more "survival of the fittest."! Puppies born in sensible, unexaggerated proportions are culled, new bourn necks... Broken, because... Although it would have a better quality of life than their siblings; although its life expectancy is significantly longer; despite the fact that the newly bourn squirming playfully in the breeders hands is able to breath with ease, unlike the dogs around it. It is useless, worthless it doesn't look right. ...read more.


He had over 8 litters bred from him.... this means those tiny pups would grow up to most likely have the same costly operation, the same terrifying experience, the same pain of recovery. This is a recovery to what... to become a dog that cannot walk over ten steps without having to pant continuously. It is not only small dogs; the most common sufferers of epilepsy and Labradors and boxer, two of the most popular breeds. What is wrong with crossbreeds I don't know... My dog, Milly, is pure mongrel and proud. She has no pedigree registration... but she has quality of life and to me that's what matters. However breeders still insist on breeding for aesthetic perfection... slowly cutting out healthy pedigrees who don't quite "fit the bill." Leaving the disfigured to be bred from produce even moor extreme damaged dogs. If we don't stop this downward spiral of reckless breeding: soon... Sooner than we could ever imagine all pedigrees will be effected then soon... Sooner than we could ever expect all pedigrees will be too malformed and feeble to breed from, in short there will be no pedigrees left. And who will be mans best friend then? ...read more.

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