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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Compare how the past reveals feelings about a place in Nothings Changed with the ways another poet reveals feelings about a place or places in one other poem.

    5 star(s)

    A very good essay. Detailed and perceptive analysis of poetic techniques used by both poets.
    Accurate and thorough analysis of language using correct poetic terminology.
    Most comments are supported…

    • Essay length: 1729 words
    • Submitted: 04/01/2012
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Katie Dixon 09/02/2012
  2. Marked by a teacher

    The poems Strange fruit written by Abel Meeropol (Lewis Allen) 1937 and Still I rise written by Maya Angelou both convey the racism which fell upon the lives of many black individuals.

    4 star(s)

    This is a good attempt at analysing two poems and tackling a very broad subject.
    Some very good and perceptive analysis of the language both poets use to convey their…

    • Essay length: 1292 words
    • Submitted: 10/05/2011
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Katie Dixon 09/02/2012
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Compare Two Robert Frost Poems, The Road Not Taken & Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

    4 star(s)

    There are some good points in this essay, particularly when looking at the structure of the poems. When comparing two texts it is important to identify key differences and similarities…

    • Essay length: 1785 words
    • Submitted: 24/03/2010
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Laura Gater 15/04/2013
  4. Marked by a teacher

    The theme of father and son relationships in Digging and Follower

    3 star(s)

    This essay is an honest attempt to present a reasoned analysis of these 2 poems by Heaney. Many good points are made, mostly supported by apt references to the text.…

    • Essay length: 1009 words
    • Submitted: 17/01/2009
    • Marked by teacher: (?) Jeff Taylor 13/08/2013
  5. Peer reviewed

    How does Sujata Bhatt show that identity is important in from Search For My Tongue? Compare the methods she uses with the methods another poet uses to show that identity is important in one other poem.

    5 star(s)

    The response here is for a question on the importance of identity and the means by which Sujata Bhatt and one other poet display this importance. The candidate has opted…

    • Essay length: 643 words
    • Submitted: 23/05/2011
    • Reviewed by: (?) sydneyhopcroft 19/03/2012
  6. Peer reviewed

    In both Hurricane Hits England and Search For My Tongue, the poems explore the theme of culture being important to person, both poems approach this theme in different ways.

    5 star(s)

    This answer responds excellently to the question. Even though the candidate chooses to analysis poem-by-poem rather than point-by-point (the latter structural form often saving on time and more encouraging of…

    • Essay length: 815 words
    • Submitted: 03/04/2011
    • Reviewed by: (?) sydneyhopcroft 14/04/2012
  7. Peer reviewed

    How do the poets present people in Vultures and Two scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes

    4 star(s)

    Response to question The question is fairly broad and encompasses a range of different techniques and ideas. A particular strength of this essay is that it displays extended discussion of both…

    • Essay length: 887 words
    • Submitted: 25/09/2011
    • Reviewed by: (?) happy_giggles 19/02/2012
  8. Peer reviewed

    In Love After Love and Presents From My Aunts, the theme of self-discovery is addressed.

    4 star(s)

    This question focuses around the importance of self-discovery and awareness of self in Derek Walcott's 'Love After Love' and 'Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan' by Moniza Alvi. The candidate…

    • Essay length: 542 words
    • Submitted: 23/05/2011
    • Reviewed by: (?) sydneyhopcroft 04/03/2012
  9. Peer reviewed

    Compare the ways the poets use description in from Search for my Tongue and Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi.

    4 star(s)

    The answer presented here is for a question that asks about the descriptions of in 'from: Search for my Tongue' and 'Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan'. The essay demonstrates…

    • Essay length: 643 words
    • Submitted: 22/05/2011
    • Reviewed by: (?) sydneyhopcroft 15/03/2012
  10. Peer reviewed

    Compare the methods used to make a protest through poetry in two scavengers and one other poem.

    4 star(s)

    The answer has answered the set question is a comphrensive and detailed manner, managing to explicitly detail and develop everything and link most points back to the question and the…

    • Essay length: 1277 words
    • Submitted: 02/03/2011
    • Reviewed by: (?) happy_giggles 28/02/2012

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Compare and contrast To His Coy Mistress(TM) and The Passionate Shepherd to His Love(TM)

    "In conclusion I think that the most persuasive poem is 'The Passionate Shepherd to his Love' because he makes the woman feel special and he doesn't mention her losing her virginity or the idea that time is running out. Instead he implies that time is no object when you are in love with someone as beautiful as her. These poems have had a very defiant effect on me, this being that I started to look into the attitudes to love now and I thought about how and why they have changed over time. Also it immediately made me put myself in the receiving end of the poem and thought about how I would react to them individually. Words - 1441"

  • Compare the ways in which Wordsworth presents London in Upon Westminster Bridge with Blakes view of London in his poem London.

    "In my opinion both of the poetess have right to give their own opinion, like every human being. William Blake showed the bad side of London and Wordsworth the good side, both of them has right to show the differences every person got different views for certain things. Blake was showing the negative things to show what makes him angry as Wordsworth has made his poem calm and enjoyable for everyone. Angelika Zadranowicz"

  • Compare two poems, "From Stone to Steel" by E.J. Pratt and "Overture" by F.R. Scott.

    "In conclusion, obviously, poets use different devices to decorate their poem. Both poems are really different from each other. One is dark and the other is light. They contrast a lot on this point. The poets use different devices to specify on certain important aspect of the poem. Page 1 of 4"

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