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English - Debate - Hitting children, right or wrong?

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English - Debate - Hitting children, right or wrong? Nicki: All rise (music plays for few seconds). You may be seated. The court has gathered today to judge whether corporal punishment for children is right or wrong. Evidence will be given by both sides as to why some people have views for and against this subject and hopefully by the end, you - the jury will have decided. Now, will the people called to the stand and the barristers please introduce themselves for the benefit of the jury. Loz E: My name is Olivia and I have come today to make sure that my Dad, and others who have done the same, do not get away with hitting their children. My dad hits me often. Tobi: I am Olivia's father, Phillip, and I believe that hitting children disciplines them. I only ever hit Olivia when she deserves it. Loz M: I am the barrister for Olivia and I am here to make sure Phillip gets what he deserves. Sarah T: I am the barrister for Phillip and I am here to prove that what Phillip does is purely for disciplinary reasons only. Nicki: Court is in progress. Please call Olivia, the plaintiff, to the stand. (Loz E walks over to the stand) Repeat after me - I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. ...read more.


Loz M: Now do you admit that you hit Olivia? Tobi: Yes. Loz M: Why do you do it? And what do you achieve from it? Tobi: I don't know, sometimes Olivia goes way out of line; I need to discipline her some way. Loz M: Surely there is another way to do this? Isn't it better to just tell your child that it's wrong and then ground them rather than resorting to violence? Tobi: Yes, maybe, but in the heat of the moment, somebody or something needs to teach her a lesson. Loz M: But is this really teaching her a lesson? Aren't you just teaching her that violence is OK and scaring her into not doing the thing again rather than her knowing why it isn't okay? Tobi: By hitting her she knows its wrong. Loz M: Do you teach your child that violence is wrong? If your child hit another child in school for calling her names would you tell your child off? Tobi: I do tell my child that violence is wrong and yes, I would tell her off. Loz M: So are you not confusing Olivia by telling her violence is wrong and then hitting her? Tobi: No, I am teaching her a lesson. Loz M: Do you know how hitting Olivia affects her? Tobi: She doesn't seem to care, and she doesn't seem to want to know me, but she didn't before either. ...read more.


10 countries have already abolished all corporal punishment. It is time for us to do the same, or do you want to be part of a country that believes violence is OK? Before you make your decision please listen to this NSPCC radio advert. Nicki: Thank you. Phillip, how do you plead? Tobi: Not guilty. Nicki: Now it is up to you, the jury. Please discuss your verdict for the defendant, Phillip and in a minute, you will be asked whether Phillip is guilty or not guilty of being a bad and dangerous father and hurting Olivia. Please give the verdict "guilty" if you see him to be a risk to Olivia. We will ask you table by table what your verdict is - please go by the majority vote on your table. Now how do you find the defendant? (Ask each table and take the majority decision) We find the defendant guilty/not guilty. I sentence you to __ years in prison. Olivia will now be taken off you to someone who is not shown to be a danger. A survey shows that more than three-quarters of parents who physically punish their children feel upset afterwards. 73% are left feeling sad, 67% feel regretful, 65% feel guilty, and 37% even feel tearful. More than two thirds of parents said 'sorry' for their behaviour afterwards. By having a law to stop parents hitting children you are not only helping children, you are also helping parents. If there is a law against hitting children parents are less likely to hit their child, which will stop them from feeling guilty afterwards. ...read more.

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