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Is the Death Penalty Efficient

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Is the Death Penalty Efficient: NOPE Rough Draft Think if one of your friends was murdered by someone who committed the crime just because they were bored. This person would be sentenced to the Death Penalty if he/she were living in one of 37 out of 50 states in the United States. Many people argue over if we should have the Death Penalty or not. The Death Penalty has been used successfully since the Medieval Ages, since it has reduced the number of crimes. The Death Penalty has been approved by the 37 states in the United States since 1976 and so far has worked efficiently in all 37 states be effectively controlling crime rate. The largest amount of people convicted and sentenced to death is in the state of Texas. The Death Penalty is effective because it lowers the country's crime rate. Police chiefs ranked the death penalty as least effective among 7 methods of reducing the homicide rate. 31% viewed reducing the usage of drugs as the most effective; 17% with a better economy and more jobs, 16% by simplifying court rules; 15% with longer prison sentences.....1% by expanding the use of the death penalty (Copyright (c) ...read more.


Since the year of 1990, the murder rate in the states that do not have the Death Penalty has dropped by 42% because criminals in those states are afraid that the Death Penalty may move in to their state. In the states that do have the Death Penalty, the murder rate has dropped by 42% also because of its effectiveness. Although the death penalty is effective, it is criticized as if it is murder. Many people have argued over if the death penalty should be used. Even when the death penalty lowers crime rate, it still kills people. Some opponents of the death penalty call this murder. Capitol punishment has not been adopted in 13 states due to the above argument. However, the death penalty is still very effective against crime rate and despite the fact that it kills people (criminals), it is the only effective way to reduce crime rate. This assures safety for the law abiding people against high crimes. In addition, the death penalty saves multiple lives by eliminating a life that threatens the lives of multiple people. ...read more.


Adopting the death penalty lowers the taxes towards prison expenses. When a prisoner is sentenced to death, citizens do not need to pay taxes to support these criminals because they will be dead. There simply will be no reason to feed them. Citizens will save more money in taxes while the death penalty is in use. Actually, in 37 states people save more money in their taxes. That is another main reason why the death penalty should be adopted by all 50 states in the United States. In conclusion, when the death penalty is adopted it is a very effective measure against crime rate. It also carries the benefit of reduced taxation. For these two main reasons, the remaining 13 states should adopt the death penalty. The death penalty may be killing people (criminals), but it saves the lives of many more law abiding citizens reducing crime. It also sends a very persuasive message to other possible criminals of what the consequences will be if they commit capitol crimes. However, this argument of for/against the death penalty will continue for many more years. Every citizen should consider carefully the pros and cons and then choose the side that makes more sense to their beliefs and conscience ...read more.

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