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“A fool sees not the same tree as the wise man sees.” - William Blake

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"A fool sees not the same tree as the wise man sees." William Blake There is not one single person in this world that is exactly like another. There is always at least one characteristic which makes them differ and this is due to the following factors: different education, cultures, experiences or personal interests, etc. However, every man will perceive the world that surrounds him in a personal way because of the factors already mentioned. Because of this, people always have different ideas and views ruling their way of thinking. A wise man and a fool are examples of two extreme opposites so therefore the interpretations their brains make are influenced by different factors, making them live in different realities. As the example just mentioned, there are many other kinds of people that due to their differences interpret their worlds in their own individual way. ...read more.


Ignorance makes two people analyze the same thing in different ways. An ignorant man has barriers that prevent him from seeing beyond, while a wise man has sufficient knowledge to make connections in his brain and interpret much more than a fool. For example, when seeing a river, an ordinary person will look at its physical beauty, while a geographer will analyze each characteristic the river has and will have a lot more conclusions than an ordinary person would, because of his previous studies and personal interests. This also happens in William Blake's quote because a fool does not concentrate or focus on things that a wise man could because it doesn't catch his attention. Instead, the wise man might focus on specific aspects of the tree because maybe he has studied them before so he knows information about the tree. Through the sense of sight, both the fool and the wise man see the same tree, but when the information gets to their brain, the two have their own way of interpreting what they have captured by their senses. ...read more.


These "rules" a person follows unconsciously are known as the Laws of Configuration. These are patterns that human beings tend to follow unconsciously, even though they enclose our perception by enclosing us boundaries. However, a wise man is able to be aware of these laws, realizing they are fooling him and therefore trying to avoid them. This means that both men are looking at the same things; however, different factors influence their perceptions, making them see things from a completely different point of view. To conclude, different people see things that surround them in a different way. Personal knowledge, culture, experiences, etc are the main factors that influence the way in which each individual's brain recreates the world inside their skulls. This recreation might be extremely different, taking them to interpret their whole worlds in a distinct way, from things that happen every day to abstract ideas to converse points of views and thoughts. ?? ?? ?? ?? MARIA JOSE REY V= 790 WORDS ...read more.

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