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2018 Guyana - Original writing

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Vikki Gilbert Oct '03 Here I am, sitting on our bamboo floor-seat looking out of the mud-strengthened window frame. Sun's streaming in; shining down on my husband's freckled nose, who's still sleeping dreamily, under the cool gossamer sheet. I can hear the sea lapping serenely, perfectly complimenting the high - spirited song of the Mango bird. Such tranquillity compared to the events of the past year. I've been living out a frantic life since October. It's nice to get away from all the chaos sometimes. It's not that I don't enjoy what I do - that's rarely the case, but spending the summer with my husband has been utterly blissful. This island has been in my dreams ever since I saw a deserted stretch of white sand & clear blue waters on the back of a 'special K' box - & now here I am! ...read more.


Although Louise offered us her beautifully appointed house - chateau sur de Mer - we thought we'd rather something a little less formal, as butlers & maids dancing at your feet isn't exactly our scene. So here we are, much to Louis's protests, in the modest little shack down by the shore. It's far enough away from the high tide point, but still allowing the most amazing view, & however much of a clich´┐Ż it may be, the sunset last night, was truly magnificent - I've never seen anything close to the dusky mixes of pinks, oranges & ambers. This clay-ridge shanty could never be brought down to a level equal to that of our 1960 semi in Parsons Green. ...read more.


how about that for the ending phrase of a Romance blockbuster? Oh, that reminds me, I must ring Maria before her mum gets here, & tell her when the award ceremony is. This ceremony is the one hindrance that's obstructing me from staying in this paradise forever. But dancing is my passion, & I can quite picture the gold plated pirouette woman sitting on the mantelpiece, back home. This was only the second West-end dance that I've choreographed for, and believe you me, it's a thrilling experience seeing your name celebrated, in some of the toughest critic's reviews. Maria's only tagging along for the last few months of her gap year, "all for experience" she said, with me as her apparent 'mentor'. Although it's more like a younger sister, with her being sally's daughter. Oh yes, I can hear the speedboat coming in. That's got to be Sally, at last. I hope she likes it! ...read more.

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