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A Life in a Day.

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A Life in a Day. I woke up at 7:00am to the vibrating pillow that vibrates depending on what time you have programmed into the mini computer stored inside it. It was pitch black so dark I could barely see any object that was in a radius of 2 metres from me. I share my bedroom with my wife Jessica. I met Jessica at a night club back in the year 2011 when I was 19. The night club was called E2020 I can remember the night as though it was only yesterday. I was with my crew as soon as I saw her we just clicked. We started talking, it was love at first sight as people say. We exchanged telephone numbers and we just carried it on from there. I got out of bed and headed into the teleport that would take me to the bathroom. I have one of these teleports in every room of the house. These contraptions are 7ft tall and can take human travel from one side of the planet to the other. ...read more.


Making it took along time but in the end it was worth it and there has never been a mishap at all. I could hear some movement upstairs and then my oldest son Oliver who is now 12 appeared from the door of the transporter. The breakfast table by this time was set and Oliver and I had Frizzles breakfast cereal, I personally did not like at all, they tasted like cardboard and smelt of rotten eggs, but that was all that was left. Oliver had then gone back upstairs to get ready for school. Once Oliver and I were prepared for school and work we said goodbye to the rest of the family and left the house to get into my BMW Z9 hover car. We got into the car and I turned the key and up raised the car like a hot air balloon but a bit faster. We didn't have to go far to reach Oliver's school. We said our goodbyes and about 3/4,s of a mile we arrived at the main school building as Oliver got out of the car and walked in. ...read more.


Finally at 7:30pm I left to go home but first, before I get home, I have to sit in the long queues of traffic leading out of the town called Richford. When I arrive at home at 8:30 I get changed into my casual clothes and enter the dining room where the rest of my family is waiting for dinner. My wife and her mother most time if not all the time cook the dinner we have a wide range of food to eat such as chicken with some special sauce and vegetables, or spaghetti carbonara and many more different types of meals. Once dinner is finished we either sit down in the living room and watch some T.V. or we play a game and talk about our day. At about 10:00 in the evening and all the children have gone to sleep, myself and the other adults of the family watch a DVD film on our 48 inch flat widescreen T.V. Then at 11:30pm the rest of the family go to bed to prepare for the next day. ...read more.

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