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A young boy lies face up in the hot sand under the scorching heat of the sun. He breathes alone on the deserted, tropical island. Pa

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Isolation after Companionship 13 year old boy, 1 year later A young boy lies face up in the hot sand under the scorching heat of the sun. He breathes alone on the deserted, tropical island. Palm trees covered the central area of the island. The Pacific Ocean covered all sides. The boy wears his torn filthy shirt and shorts as he stares into the sky. He has greasy hair and an oily body from lack of cleanliness. In his right hand he clutches to a pocket knife. Next to him is a body lying face up. The boy lets go of the pocket knife and grabs his abdominal area with both hands. Boy: It's been so long since I've had any food. I've been in this jungle for almost a year without my family. ...read more.


Even after the awful tragedy, John and I became happy. We would get lots of food together, we'd build shelter, we'd make fire, and we'd always have fun together. We never got into a fight. It seemed John and I could have lived on the island forever. (A grin crossed the little boy's face.) We were like the perfect team but good things don't last forever. One day John got some kind of disease. That day I went solo to get food. I only found minuscule pieces of food. It was only enough for one of us. John refused to take any of the food. (I placed my left hand on his ice cold hand.) ...read more.


I held it next to my heart. (The boy used his right hand to grab the knife along with some sand.) I managed to stay alive for a day without him. I found no food and lied next to my victim. Here I am, still living while John is somewhere else. I don't deserve to live. I killed my only friend. Why didn't I give him the food? What kind of a person am I? I killed the only person I could have talked with. (The boy takes out John's pocket knife and takes out the knife.) This was his favourite knife and now it's nothing to him. (A flood of tears pour out of his eyes.) Why am I still living? I'm a murderer. (The boy closed his eyes and he started feeling his life being slowly taken away. He opened his eyes and everything became pitch black.) ...read more.

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