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All I see before me is darkness-a cold and chilling sight compared to the warmth my previous life had comforted me with

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The Dark! All I see before me is darkness-a cold and chilling sight compared to the warmth my previous life had comforted me with. Everywhere I look is black, not a light or spark in sight. The situation I find myself in is so uncommon, yet so alluring to my senses. My body has become numb from the cool wind blowing, yet the wind seems to touch my mind as well, sending me into panic. Thoughts flow into my head. Where can I go in such a place? Where is there to run to in the darkness? I look at my feet- they are the vehicle for my journey, the only solution to finding my way through this barren and desolate place. I close my eyes, feeling my foot reaching out into the unknown, and as it comes down, the blackness is gone. I open my eyes to find myself in a world of lush green trees, birds singing and sunlight streaming through the copious canopy above me. ...read more.


I stare into the darkness, as the words echo in my head. Should I move on, or stay in this solitary wilderness? My leg starts to lift, and I close my eyes as I take the fateful step forward, not knowing where it will lead me. My body has suddenly become cool, and I feel water lapping gently against my legs. I open my eyes. I turn to see a beach, with turquoise water surrounding my body and the sun beating down onto my face. I start to wade out of the water to the fine white paradise, and as my feet hit the sand, calmness fills my body again. I look ahead at the beach, and its surrounding palm trees which hug its fringes, like a mother figure protecting their baby. I lie down on the beach, and breathe in the ocean air, letting it fill my lungs. The ocean continues its gentle lapping at the shore, pleading with me to join with its rhythmic flow. I raise myself off the ground and start to walk into the cool waves. I paddle, enjoying the warmth surrounding my body. ...read more.


My body is weak, my head aching, and my mind filled with strange and horrifying visions. What will I open my eyes to find? I clamp my eyes shut, afraid of what I might happen to glimpse. I grasp the floor around me, not sure of where I am. But it is soft and fluffy, caressing against my hands, soothing my soul. I cautiously open my eyes to hues of reds, oranges, yellows. A cool wind comes over me, stinging my neck. The shadow is back, forcing me away from my security. I am forced upwards. It wants me to jump to another cloud, but it's too far away. It urges me on, pushing me to the edge of my platform. I feel myself moving, and then falling through the air. Downwards I spiral, downwards, downwards. The screen before me starts flashing. 'GAME OVER' it announces, taunting me and my efforts. Another message fills the screen. "So close young explorer! Play again?" I move my hand over to the joystick, positioning myself for another set of adventures. I look back up at the screen. I type in 'YES'. I am back in the darkness. ...read more.

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