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Boy Racers Problem

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Vroom, Vroom, Vroom. It's an alarming sound. We've all heard them. We've all heard them. We've choked on the acrid smoke from burnouts. We have had to dodge smashed bottles on the road. Many of us have to pick up piles of rubbish from the road side, depending on where we live. Who are these pests, these public nuisances? They like to be called boy racers. I would prefer to call them road louts. So-called "boy racing" would be perfectly justifiable if boy racers followed the law and drove in places where speedway events are legally held, and were concerned for the safety of others and themselves. However, just last week parliament gave the boy racer bills the first reading. ...read more.


Whatever of any of their reasons, it's still inexcusable when they are putting public safety at risk. Unlike legitimate car races like "Formula One" or "Grund Prix", which always have safety measures in place to protect professional drivers and onlookers, boy racers simply use Public Street as their playground. They are not just playing games; they are also thinking nothing of endangering other people lives. More often than not you would read news about how boy racers have caused mayhem, injuring themselves, or even killing themselves or others. As a so-called personal hobby, boy racing is simply irresponsible and immoral. Besides this potential deadliness, boy racing is also poisonous and toxic to our community, making a less safe and prosperous environment. ...read more.


But, to be blunt, if those self-claimed car enthusiasts parade around with modified exhausts blasting away, then they can't blame people confusing them with thuggish "boy racers". It's simply annoying and very unpleasant. No wonder they're often lumped together with boy racers. At least, car enthusiasts should also show some consideration when they are parading around. Then, they wouldn't cop a lot of flak with the public. The bottom line of this issue of boy racing is that there is simply no room for those people whether they claim themselves to be boy racers or car enthusiasts, to seek their own pleasure at the expense of other people's convenience or even lives. The laws are very clear that all streets around residential area come with speed limits from 50 to 70 km per hour. There's simply no way cars could run beyond these limits. It's plain and obvious Boy racing must be stopped, sooner rather than later. ...read more.

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