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Cannibal - creative writing.

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Cannibal There was a terrible storm out at sea as the boy and his father set out to sea to catch some supper for their family. There was lightning and the ever nearer clap of thunder which to the boy signalled doom. The rain lashed this way and that, sending the salty water right inside the boy's eyes. They were stinging but he was used to it by now after all, this was his forth fishing trip with his dad now. Then without another thought he raised the sails and set off to sea. They had just reached their normal fishing spot when a streak of lightning struck our mast. It splintered at the middle and came crashing down on them like a ton of bricks. The boy dived over board just in time to escape its deathly grasp. His father however was not so lucky. Just as he was jumping, a piece of it hit him on the back of the head and he fell face forwards unconscious into the water. The icy cold water was literally freezing the boy. It was all he could do to keep his head above water and keep himself from drowning. He grabbed a nearby splinter of wood and used to keep himself afloat. ...read more.


The stick looked sturdy and he had an idea of fashioning it into a crude spear, so that he would be able to catch a few fish with it. He ran along the beach, picked it up and made his way back towards the jagged rock. He used the rock to sharpen his spear and started to wade stealthily in the water towards the fish. After a lot of time and effort, he managed to skewer one on the end and bring it to shore. He hit the fish around its slimy head to stop it from feeling pain whilst it suffocated. Now came the hard part: starting a fire to roast it on. He felt in his pocket to see if he had any matches available to help him light the fire. After a gasp of breath when he had felt a match box; he let out a disappointed grunt as he realized it was empty. He had no means of lighting a fire, so he skinned and gutted it using his spear and ate it raw. It might give him the runs but at least it would stop the sick feeling in his stomach for now. It was dark on the island now and coupled with the flashbacks of the storm and the rest of the day it carried him off to sleep. ...read more.


He dragged the boy along until they reached the centre of what looked like a village. The tribesmen were preparing for a feast. They flung he boy against a nearby pole and bound him with more rope to the side of it. They brought over a piece of wood that was aflame and the boy looked down at his feet. He was standing on a pile of logs and dry leaves. It dawned on him what was going to happen and he started to plead for his life. This only made the tribe speed up lighting the fire. The boy felt his feet burn, his blood boil and his skin begin to blister. Then as the last thing he ever felt he felt his heart exploded sending him to his death. The tribe did not stop there though and they continued to cook his body until it was juicy and tender. They then extinguished the fire and unbound the boy's body from the remains of the pole. They cut it up with more of their spears and divided it equally between the tribe and then each took a bite of it and began their feast in peace. The meat was so juicy that it dribbled down everyone's face and they began their lives again without every again remembering the boy that they had ate. ...read more.

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