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Coursework :- Fictional Story

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Coursework :- Fictional Story She was panting, gasping for air. Kate has just came back from her daily morning jog. Kate had the same routine every day. She would wake up go for a jog, have a shower and then set off to the bus stop for her bus to work. But, one day her normal routine was spoiled. Kate left the house as normal at half past seven for her jog. She normally jogs for about half an hour and passes the greenwood forest. When she got to the greenwood forest Kate took a breather. Normally at about quarter to eight there is no one around. But today there were a couple of weird looking farmers near to the forest. One of them had a dog and the other one had a shotgun. Kate jus thought that they were hunting. But then she felt a prick in her arm and as she looked down, she seen a tranquilliser in her arm. Within seconds Kate was lying unconscious on the floor, the two farmers coming over to approach her. "How on earth are we going to get her to the farm eh Joe?" ...read more.


She was took into a dark, damp, cold room which smelt of animals. She could see sharp objects hung up on the walls. The lighting flashed and lit up the room, the light reflected into her eyes off the objects on the walls. Both farmers entered the room one after the other. They both had the same evil grin across their faces and their eyes glared at Kate. She tries to escape by pushing them out the way. There is a frantic struggle in the door way. Kate picks up a chair and smashed one of the farmers right across the head. He lay in a huddle on the floor. The second farmer punched Kate right in the face and she lay on the floor next to the farmer. " Are you ok Billy? Wake up I will get you some water ok?" Joe started to panic that Billy has been hurt. Kate recovered from her punch and when Joe goes to get the water makes her escape. She steped over farmer Billy and made a dash for the door. " And where do you think you are going young lady?" ...read more.


" oh damn I have left the skin in the other room" said Joe. " Now don't go any where now Kate, ha ha ha" said Billy they walk out of the room and Kate cuts her legs free and lies back down as she hears them coming back. Billy approaches Kate and say's " Now lets get this done." "Let's not" shouts Kate, she stands up slashes Billy's chest with the blade and jumps through the boarded window. She runs towards the truck and hotwires the engine. Billy emerges from the farm house and sees Kate driving off into the distance. He starts to run into the forest in case the police try to capture him. As Kate drives to the police station and reports the two men, Joe tries to hide the skin as he knows she is going to tell the police about their experiments. Billy in the meantime has collapsed in the forest with his chest wounds. Kate shows the police and ambulance men where the farm house is, they find Billy in the forest but its too late for him, he is dead! Joe on the other hand, was no where to be found. Police are still looking for him and the skins to this day By Anthony Reynolds. Words 1,195. By Anthony Reynolds- English coursework- Mr Holt-10Q1/AG ...read more.

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