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Creative Story inspired by J. Conrad's Heart of Darkness with commentary

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A Blinding Darkness Story By Lewis Burroughs Final Draft1st Draft - with Cathy's edits! Templum, an abandoned school which had been turned into a refuge for 'wastelanders'. Caravan traders had set up shops and a doctor used the old sick room as his clinic. I remembered when I first saw it, I thought : 'Wow, what an amazing place, ; this really is the epitome of humanity - when civilisation has flown out the window and descended into madness and every one starts looking out for themselves and resorts to robbery, prostitution and drug dealing to make a living,; but even in such a desolate time, an assortment of un-associated people help each other start a community in such a desolate time.' I haven't washed in ages and have grown a beard which I trim with a knife. At night, this world is a very different place, a whole new world; the temperature goes from scorching to freezing in minutes. I remember being out there, in the wasteland, it's sort of scary how much I've changed actually... '"The Bblinding light pierced through me as I left the shelter, I was dazed. I tried to shake it off - by squinting my eyes so I could see. ...read more.


It was Inin the seedy little bar when I overheard a conversation between two mercenaries: a group of wastelanders had started worshipping about an old relic from before the war, a group of wastelanders had started worshipping it as if it was were a godly item. , and I had an adventure on my hands., I knew I had to see what all this was about., I packed my bags, loaded my gun and set off. The wilderness was mine to travel;, I felt the dusty wind rushing pastrush past me like a bullet, I felt so good, I felt so alive, I was back where I belonged. My journey was before me and adventure filled the air with every breath I took. I was embarking entering into the wastes once more ... Oh, the Adventure!, The Adventure!." Commentary I based my story on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness novella, which is a story about a man's journey through a dark and consuming river to locate the infamous Kurtz. I first tried basing my story on my own personal experiences as Conrad did in Heart of Darkness but doing that meant I had less to work with than by usingif I used my imagination. ...read more.


- where people started to work together again. Conrad's audience was the British who owned "10 million square miles"3 of the world and was at the peak of imperialism. The, the book deals with the problem of treating other races as sub-humans and is a reaction to the imperial era. Wheras my audience has lived in the above world's condition - DO THEY?! and can relate to a world in chaos and my aim was to alert the audience of the possible outcome if we don't change our ways. In conclusion, I think my story has some strong links to Conrad's Heart of Darkness: the, with the post-apocalyptic world where everything has gonefallen into ruin, just like how in Heart of Darkness with like Kurtz as he was surrounded by a "prehistoric earth"4 which made him go mad. I also hadincluded the theme of adventure into the unknown, which was where I left my story. [SO WHY NOT LEAVE THE COMMENTARY THERE TOO... AND SAVE SOME WORDS!!] I think if I could I would remove some petty details I've added and maybe extend the story's key parts by adding additional details and emphasising key points more. 1 Conrad, Joseph, Heart of Darkness, Penguin Classics, 2007, pg.43 2 Conrad, Joseph, Heart of Darkness, Penguin Classics, 2007, pg.40 3 Parsons,Timothy, The British Imperial Century, 1815-1914, Pg. 3 4 Conrad, Joseph, Heart of Darkness, Penguin Classics, 2007, pg. ...read more.

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