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Creative Writing - Caged Bird

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Creative Writing I hold my new baby boy in my arms. He is so beautiful. OK, I know every parent says that about their children, but still, it is true, at least in my case. I can't really be that ugly to have produced this wonderful thing, can I? Then again, the father is quite handsome, so maybe you take after him. Not that we're dragging him into this; that was just a one-time encounter. I suppose I am really a woman now. With my own little person to look after. Now it's just me and the baby. Oh, dear baby, I promise to love you, give you all the love that you need, that you deserve. All the love that I give you will make up for the troubles and sadness I've had at many times over the years. I promise to protect you from all the bad in world, all those racists and attackers. I promise never to abandon you, but stay with you always to raise you, until you become a big strong man and independent enough to make it on your own in that big scary world. ...read more.


Who knows, eh? Sorry about babbling a bit there. Just think about an interesting poem and its imagery and meaning. I hope you'll grow up to love literature as much as I do. My mother told me not to be so worried about crushing you in my sleep. She's right; I wake up with you lying at my side, under my arm, asleep like a beautiful little angel. Well, we made it through this one night, and by God's grace there'll be many more to come as well. So my past has been a bit grim at times, but I'm sure to have a brighter future with you in my life. Everybody wants to be loved, and damn, don't we need it. So sleep tight darling, I love you. Commentary My creative writing is a piece based on some themes from I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. I looked at the last chapter, when Maya is a new teenage mother looking after her newborn baby boy, and thought about what she must be thinking to herself and feeling about the overwhelming change in her life. ...read more.


She really wants the best for him, like any parent would, and she hopes racism will die down in the future so that he could have good life. The next section of my writing is about discussing the imagery of the caged bird and what it might mean. Maya Angelou's book title is taken from the poem Sympathy by Paul Lawrence Dunbar, and Maya also has her own poem with the same name as her novel. I thought that the caged bird could be singing from happiness or boredom, or its singing could even be mistaken for shouting or crying. This links in with Maya's passion for reading writing, which she hopes to pass on to her son as he grows up. The ending of my creative piece is just a reference in the book to when Maya is worried about accidently hurting her son when she sleeps next to him, but her mother tells her not to be worried, because she is a mother and will know how to do the right things with love and instinct. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tokunbo Adebanjo 03/04/2010 1 ...read more.

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