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Creative Writing - the Voyage

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The Voyage I sit here, looking through the window, out onto the open fields. I see the crisp autumn leaves swirl around in the cool breeze, floating, as if they have no troubles in the world. I make out the sheep, grazing peacefully, oblivious to their surroundings. I gaze around the land I have walked and hunted through; worked in; played in with my children , for the last four decades. I sit here looking, as I have many times before and nothing seems different. But it is. I know I will never see this place again. I know I will never return. During my life, I have been called many things - daughter, sister, wife, sister-in law, mother, grandmother.....and I have always tried my best to fulfil my roles and do my duties. I feel I have succeeded :ever since I came to this farm, a young girl of sixteen, I have looked after my mother-in-law and husband, and children. ...read more.


The only time I see my daughter is at lunch and supper times, when she feeds me, usually salted fish and biscuits. Sometimes we stop off for the night and rest the horses, other times we may not. Time seems an unrealistic fantasy as I drift between sleep and reminiscences. The landscape changes gradually as we progressed up country. We have been travelling for a few weeks now. The energy is being sapped out of me. I can tell we are getting nearer to our destination. The air is thinner and icy, and it hurts me to breathe. The tracks become more slippery and our progress in slowing. After supper, my daughter Sara wraps me in a fur-lined shawl to keep me warm. Today was a tragic day. The tracks are treacherous, but my son-in-law is getting impatient. He urged the horses on too quickly. Suddenly there was a jerk and the wagon abruptly stopped. Scout had slipped on the harsh ice, and snapped his foreleg. My son-in-law unhitched him, took out his gun, and led him away. ...read more.


I stayed in this state for a few days, going to hell and back. But then, I woke up. Where was I? I felt as if I'm swimming in a tunnel, with shining lights at both exits. The water is thick and voluptuous like glue. But my body is supple and young, and I am not tired. But where do I swim to? I am not troubled or concerned - either way I don't mind. At one end I hear Sara's voice calling me - and at the other?... My heart soars as I see two faces. One of my husband, and one of the son I never knew. They are calling me. I power on, desperately trying to reach them. Their voices encourage me. I get closer and the light gets brighter! It is easier to move, and I'm powering through. I feel like I'm flying now, floating, as if there are no troubles in the world. I feel free; from my duties and life! I soar forwards, as free as a bird, gliding gracefully in the sky... ...read more.

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