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Dear Diary:

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Dear Diary: Calpurnia has been to serve at Aunt Alexandra's tea party. She could handle swinging doors with care, certainly a requisite when serving at an afternoon tea party. Mrs. Merriweather was giving a report on the lives of the Mrunas. Their life pattern was horrible. As it was given in detail, the horrors took away from a dainty cupcake and the fruit cake servings. The native children were subjected to terrible ordeals. As they chewed up and spat out the bark of a tree into a communal pot and got drunk, the contents and the horrors of it all, upset the ladies. Somehow the refreshment became more attractive than ever. Patted in gloves, the ladies came in style. The only visitor daring to wear her every day clothes was Scout. She came to be the centre of attention, answering the questions in monosyllables. The ladies asked Scout "where are your britches?" "are you going to be a lawyer when you grow up?" "have you a boyfriend?" ...read more.


I tried to comfort Scout by explaining the difficulties there are among people of various racial backgrounds. I explained to her that there are four kinds of folks in the world. There is the ordinary kind like us and the neighbors, there is the kind like the Cunninghams at in the woods, the kind like Ewells down the dump, and the Negroes. I told her that our kind of folks don't like Cunninghams, the Cunninghams don't like the Ewells and the Ewells despite the colored folks. I was disturbed when I was trying to explain to Scout that all people are not alike, but vary according to their backgrounds. Scout tried to tell me that we have only one kind of folks. However that really bothered me because if there is only one kind, how come people in Maycomb can't get along. Now I begin to understand why Boo Radley stayed shut up in the house all this time because he realized there are four kinds of people who can't get along and he wanted solitude. ...read more.


As Borden had desired Canada now had a voice in the conduct of the war. On Borden's return to Canada he found himself with the biggest crisis of the war. Recruitment was not going well. Borden introduced the military service act. It was bitterly resented by French Canadian but there were many loopholes and many could avoid the draft. Borden's new union government was an overwhelming victory. He said "when I form a government, I would hope to include representative of business, labour and agriculture. I want to form a government that is representative of every part of Canada. Laurier's prestige was sufficient to keep Quebec loyal. As a leader, it is my duty to all the friends of political freedom to organize at once. In the war effort to defeat Germany, the people of Canada had to stand firm. As a leader of Canada, I would offer a strong resolve to defeat Germany. Germany had a well equipped army, a great supply f ammunition, officers were detailed training and a nation to hate everything British. Germany was fully aware that we weren't prepared for war. ...read more.

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