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Descriptive writing With tumbling, lice-ridden matted hair, the ringleader in his late 20's, stands with his face turned insolently towards the police

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GCSE Coursework Descriptive Writing With tumbling, lice-ridden matted hair, the ringleader in his late 20's, stands with his face turned insolently towards the police. He raises his right arm in defiance with the middle finger pointed upwards in an obscene gesture. Disdainfully and scornfully he hurls abusive language at the armed anti-riot police officers on the other side of the gorge. His speech is drunkenly slurred as spittle flies from his mouth like a rabid dog. He is dressed in a tatty short sleeved t-shirt with a dishwater grey under vest protruding from his flabby waistline. His body reeks of sweat and unwashed flesh; of stale tobacco and dried-up vomit. He wears shoddy trousers teamed with intimidating combat boots that are caked with mud. His left arm wields a long knife which is taking up the slack of a rope that supports the adjacent bridge spanning the ravine. He thinks himself to be an anarchist, filled with contempt, rebellious and temporary power. ...read more.


Rock and rollers and hippies are dancing and swaying to a cool vibe from the stage. The site is littered with smashed beer bottles, garbage and cigarette ends. There are a few parked vehicles and mega-sized amplifiers blast ear-splitting music into the turgid dope filled night. On the platform is a young girl, black hair tied back in a ponytail, playing saxophone with immense energy and passion. Her innocent face is marred by numerous hoops and studs as she continuously picks at a raw scab on her lips where infection has set in and foul smelling pus is oozing out. She is oblivious of her surroundings as her world is cocooned in cocaine induced psychedelic colours. Around her three heavy metal guitarists accompany in wonderful harmony. Her voice is surprisingly pure and crystal clear as she sings of her deep hatred for authority; her desire to smash a merciless society that has humiliated and abandoned her. The revelers roar approval but start to become aware of a presence on the other side of the gorge. ...read more.


An old fashioned rope bridge, such as you still see in India and Nepal today, hangs across the ravine. The rope is like a snake, coiled and flexible. About 50 metres long and sagging in the middle, the bridge is strongly constructed and not really dangerous although it twists and bucks in the wind. A man crossing it will not be able to keep his trunk centered over his feet. He has to will each foot to lift over the tilting slats and lurch himself forward while the bridge pitches as if to mock his clumsy steps. In the dark and gloomy night, the ravine is menacing. Its mossy, black and silvery boulders resemble thousands of dried up corpse buried in a pit. As the breeze gently flutters the grass, the ravine appears to be infested and alive with hideously fat maggots sucking on decaying meat. The lout who wields the knife has the power to cut the rope that secures the bridge from the festival side of the gorge and prevent the police from reaching the festival. The outcome hangs on his decision. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sabina Heywood 14/12/05 1 ...read more.

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