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Diary entry for Cecily Cardew

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Dear Diary, The quiet, boring morning finally passed by. I'm beginning to feel that my life in the countryside is getting too plain, and unchanging. The only thing that happens repeatedly every day is those German lessons... However, Dr. Chasuble and Miss Prism... Their subtle flirting cannot pass by me. I can tell that they want to be engaged, or they had already plan about their marriage. I know that Miss Prism really loves and cares about Dr. Chasuble... They make a perfect match; however, they will need me to play the role of a matchmaker. It is a fun game, as I know that my plan B would work. Nevertheless, I don't understand why Miss Prism doesn't seem to care much about how he looks and how not wicked he is. For me, these are the two most important things that a man needs. That is why I fell in love with my dear Ernest as soon as I heard Uncle Jack talking about him. ...read more.


Oh, that is just so sweet. He said that ever since he first looked upon "my wonderful and incomparable beauty", he had dared to love me "wildly, passionately, devotedly, hopelessly" It's a bit strange when he says hopelessly?!? It doesn't seem to make much sense... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ernest just proposed to me exactly 5 minutes ago. Now I finally know that he also has some feelings towards me. In addition, I also like him very much, and he knows that too. However, we have been engaged for the last 3 months, and I think that my decision was not a bad thing. I mean, after I actually met Ernest... I told him about the ring I'm wearing; those love letters that I write three times a week... Oh, and I really like his curly hair, it looks very natural, just "with a little help from others". I also like his name, very much. You know, it's always been a girlish dream of mine to love someone whose name was Ernest. ...read more.


Of course, there would be many beautiful flowers hanging on the trees. We would have three wedding cakes, one elaborate cake, and two smaller ones for Ernest and me. The elaborate cake would be a dark, rich fruitcake with ornate white frostings of scrolls, orange blossoms, etc... A year later, we would have two children. The older one is a boy, name Ernest Worthing Junior; and the younger one is a girl, name Cecily Worthing Junior. What a happy family we would be! If my future turns out to be exactly like what I have just written, I'm sure I will be very happy. But... Merriman has just announced the arrival of Miss Fairfax. I suppose she is one of the many good elderly women who are associated with Uncle Jack in some of his philanthropic work in London. I don't really like women who are interested in philanthropic work... Well, here she comes... I have to come and introduce myself and talk to her until Uncle Jack comes back. I wonder when he is coming back... Ernest too! I can't wait to see Ernest in person, I just miss him so much... ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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