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English Coursework Monologue

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English Literature Coursework Monologue Work Worries ARGH! Why is it always me? I seem to always get the coffees, this is slave labour I tell you! Ever since Mr Gill took over I seemed to have from vice-director to tea boy. If only I could find something which could get him fired then it would all be back to how it used to be. The office was a peaceful place, a place I missed when I was at home. We worked normal nine-to-five hours, five days a week so at least I had time to see the kids! Since Mr Adams left you have to watch what you say around this place, it's like walking on a minefield you just don't know when Mr Gill will go into a rage of frustration. ...read more.


I feel like I'm on the verge of a breakdown all because of Mr Gill's sanctions and sudden spite in the office. I still see Mr Adams, well John Adams now, regularly and every time I feel awkward, as I can't get him back in the job and sort everything out. All the trouble with Mr Gill started when he came in and started ranting his orders about like an emperor going to war, I remember clearly the first day like it was yesterday. As soon as he walked in I had asked for a raise in pay, just for a bit of banter and he completely flipped out "what do you take me for pal, if your going to be like that pack your desk!", Since that moment he's had it in for me ever since, Mr Gill is not the laughing type! ...read more.


But what can I do? , I'm not going to get a better job than this one, I need to see my wife Ann and the kids more and the housework is getting too much, with Ann's high profile soliciting job, it leaves me with the washing and cooking every night. I haven't got the money for a maid. So what can be done? I keep thinking to myself the next decision I make could determine the rest of my life and the lives of my family. I shouldn't be getting this depressed, after all, the cardiac arrest I had back in 2002 is enough to worry about. Well whatever the decision I make I'll live to regret it, perhaps I can start my own business, find something I'm good at, start a business with Mr Adams just like old times or stay in this grotty old place with the stressful situations ongoing. Every morning I wake and ask myself the question; "what next?" ...read more.

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