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holes review

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Holes Review The book of Holes is world famous. I had to go to buy it as my friends recommended the book. They said that Louis Sachar is an amazing writer, with a wide imagination. I am reviewing this superb writing and I will be telling you why you should buy this exciting novel. It all starts when Stanley Yelnats commits a crime and he is sent to Camp Green Lake (a juvenile detention centre). Where he meets strange people and discovers magnificent places. There are lots of twists in the book (I can promise you that you won't want to put the book down). The settings in the book help create an atmosphere that will make the reader want to read on when it says "During the daytime, temperature hovers around ninety-five degrees in the shade if you can find any shade". ...read more.


Stanley is an overweight boy, who had problems in his child hood, so that made him cautious of what to say and do. He also seems a bit dim, on the bus he seemed to think that Camp Green Lake was going to be really fun. Stanley is always in the plot, he has a wide imagination and he proves that he is very brave in the book. Zero is a character that comes across as very shy, but he surprises us and shows what he is really like. Zero cannot read or write, so people tease him Mr Pendanski says, " they call you Zero because you can't do anything", he is unfairly treated, but he is a main character in the plot. ...read more.


Finally, the third is about Kate Barlow, this is also written as flashbacks. It is very important as you start to understand more on whet is happening, and it says a lot of clues in what is about to happen. Holes is a great book cleverly written by Louis Sachar. The English and Media Magazine, and The Times praise it. Also, you will notice that Louis Sachar likes to repeat specific words, to make it tense and exciting. Also, I would give this book 5 out of 5 for its vocabulary and imagination. I would recommend this book to every age above 8+. I couldn't put this book down, my opinion is it is a must read book. Finally, this book is recommended to everybody. Packed with excitement, this is a favourite of mine, and soon to be yours. ...read more.

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