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How time's change.

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Zakariya Basser. How time's change. I had been clubbing the night before. I had a really bad headache and I couldn't be bothered to go anywhere for the day. But, Chuckle wouldn't have any of it and he was shouting his head off awake me. "Luky! Come on, Saleh goes 8850s are going for a fiver!" Chuckle shouted. "O.K. keep your hear on bro'," I said, while getting myself to wake up. "Oh, I forgot you haven't got any hair." "Yeah, very funny! Well no wonder my hair fell out, I have to look out for you and keep looking like a million dollars. Never mind that, come on or I'm off with out you and you won't get a split of the money made by the profits made or should I say I make?" Chuckle replied. Chuckle and I, we're brothers and we live together. Our father died when we were little kids and our mother had passed away five years ago. We're in business together. Well, it's not quite a business, as we get anything that is cheap and mostly turns out to be dodgy and then flog it off. But, half the time we aren't able to sell them, because either the buyer knows everything we sell is dodgy or think we are dodgy. ...read more.


Once, he was arrested by the cops, as they thought he was on drugs because of the way he acts, but they let him off, as he wasn't on drugs but, they realised he's just a nutcase. Later, Chuckle and I roamed around the Car-boot sale. A stall was selling some dolls, which sang nursery rhymes, when the dolls were squeezed, well at least that's what it said on the packaging. Chuckle insisted we brought those dolls, but I refused. Even though, I'm supposed to be a partner of the business, Chuckle don't listen to me and buys what he wants to, as he insisted we would make a lot of profit on the dolls. When we got home, we tested the dolls out. It turned out that the dolls sang some kind of Punjabi song, instead of nursery rhymes. I was furious, as the money for our grub was spent on those useless dolls. "Baldy locks! Why do you all the time splash out our money on useless things just like these dolls?!" "No, no all they need is a magic touch of mine. I'll fix them trust me," Chuckle replied. "That's a good one, because you can't even fix your self a pizza from a takeaway." ...read more.


"If you want me I could auction it for you?" he asked me. "Why do you think it's valuable?" "Valuable? Huh, you'll get at least a million for it." I told Chuckle about the good news and at first he didn't believe me. "See Luke! I told you; someday we'll be millionaires. Look I'm crying, I wish mother was here to witness this," Chuckle said. That was the first time I saw my brother cry. "Yeah, she'd be so happy." The next week our clock was up for auctioning. The night before the auction, neither Chuckle nor me could sleep. We were so filled with excitement. We went to the auction an hour earlier, as we couldn't wait to see how much we would get for our clock. "Look, look that's our clock!" Chuckle shouted. "Yeah, settle down bruv." I said trying to make Chuckle to calm down. The clock was on auction for around five minutes, and at the end it was sold for �6million. We were as happy as a child receiving the whole of the Willy Wonka factory. Now when I think back to all the struggle that we went through, we had a clock worth millions just lying in the garage. Now when I reminisce about the old days, all I can say is, "How time's change". ...read more.

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