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i awoke and recognised nothing around me

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English Coursework Fatima Rashid Yr11G "Where was I?" I woke up with a throbbing headache, which felt as if my skull was being crushed mercilessly with a sledge hammer. The pain was excruciating. I helplessly tried to give out a cry however my efforts were in vain. I tried to touch my forehead, wondering whether it was a bump or just a bruise. But I could not move my hands. They were fused together like cement. I felt something around them like a rope, which kept on eating my flesh away every time I tried to move. Something was very wrong. Then, I tried to open my eyes, which were encircled by tears of pain. But I could just see pitch black. "Was I blind?". My eyes were malfunctioning. Everything seemed to have switched off. My heart started pounding as hard as drum beatings. I was terrified. I tried to move but my legs did not respond Tears of anguish trickled down my cheeks. ...read more.


I am a director of a multi billion company. I have many enemies, which is why I decided to sign a soul partner ship so that if anything unfortunate happens to me, my husband will not be abandoned but receive benefit as he is disabled. But, "Who could have kidnapped me?". It could be my deputy or even my next door neighbour. While I was lost in thoughts of who could be my kidnapper, I heard a loud deafening sound of thunder, followed by torrential rain which felt like flying daggers smashing through windows, the wind howled ferociously struggling to blow everything in its path. It was very cold; the chilly atmosphere began to suck life from my hands and legs. As my lungs were malfunctioning my heart starved for oxygen. All of a sudden, I felt a fierce braking which shoved me to the other side of the truck, followed by a slamming of doors. ...read more.


I froze. With a perplexed expression on my face, George said calmly, "Oh Sally, don't be surprised. It's all a game." Tears of anger trickled down from my eyes, I said furiously, "Why George ? Why!". A daunting voice said in distant, "Because we want your money that's why." A tall figure approached from the darkness, wearing a Versace suite. It was my deputy. George dubiously revealed, "We planned that your deputy takes over the company and I take the life insurance bonus, while you rot in the earth." I fell helplessly down into my in knees in betrayal. I weeped in misery and was drowning in the sea of confusion. I knew this was it. I was going to be murdered. My deputy aimed his revolver towards me, his finger positioned on the trigger. "Bang!" George fell down like a floppy fish. I screamed with astonishment. "What was happening?" There was another thunderous noise, "Bang!" I saw a bullet slicing through the air and pierced into my stomach. The next day, I woke up in hospital. I found out the truth. ...read more.

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