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I intend to describe Billy's school and explain to what extent the school has helped him achieve his full potential whilst attending the school. - 'A Kestrel for a Knave'

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Shari Tindle 19/12/05 Assignment CRH3 I intend to describe Billy's school and explain to what extent the school has helped him achieve his full potential whilst attending the school. The author's intentions when writing 'A Kestrel for a Knave' were to highlight how defective the school was at helping Billy to be a successful person in life. Billy's school was an all boy's school situated in Barnsley. The school was run by corporal punishment, and the head teacher believed that is how it should be. The only similarity between Billy's school and Wombwell High is that they are both located in Barnsley. During registration, Billy shouts out "German bight" after Mr Crossley reads out Fishers name in the register. At this point Mr Crossley becomes very angry with Billy for interrupting his register with an inappropriate sarcastic comment. Billy was unaware that it was a stupid and immature thing to do. All the class, including Mr Crossley think Billy is thick, the boy's start "screwing their fingers into their heads" and saying that he is crackers. I think Mr Crossley takes the situation a little too far by embarrassing Billy in front of the entire class, but I do feel this comment shows the reader that Billy has a simple mind and that he is not very intelligent. ...read more.


If Mr Gryce took the time to talk to Billy, he would understand that he isn't a bad child, just that he is deprived and people find it difficult to understand him. At break Billy gets into a fight with MacDowall. The fight was triggered off by MacDowall saying "I've heard tha's got more uncles than any kid in this city." The comments results in Billy and MacDowall fighting on a coal pile. The behaviour of MacDowall reveals that Billy has a poor school life and that his relationships with other children aren't strong because when Billy is being bullied by MacDowall the other children seem to take sides with the strongest competitor which is MacDowall. The bullying that takes place is mainly aimed at Billy's school life and intelligence. When the fight gets under way, the children who are in the court yard all swarm towards where the fight is taking place. These actions are similar to what happens at Wombwell High when there is ever anything out of the ordinary occurring. When Mr Farthing arrives at the scene, he drags MacDowall off Billy and questions Billy about his actions. Mr Farthing is very sympathetic towards Billy unlike Mr Farthing or Mr Sugden. He says to Billy "I don't know, you always seem to cop for it, don't you Casper?" This comment familiarizes the reader with the relationship between Billy and Mr Farthing. ...read more.


The way the colour drains from Billy's face when Jud walks past the door of his class room when he is searching for him shows that his brother doesn't care that he had to use his money to buy some substantial food to eat or that he had to by meat to feed his hawk. All Jud is worried about is placing bets on the horses. The main reason for choosing to train a hawk might have been to give Billy some time to be alone away from the chaos of family life. I think Billy appreciates nature and the outdoors because it's such a major change from being in the house surrounded by audio pollution and insignia. Overall I think the school has failed Billy on all aspects of his education, especially the organisation of the careers advice available to students. Even though the careers guide associate was trying his best to successfully identify a suitable job for Billy in the future he failed to maintain Billy focus on the specific topic and ultimately didn't take the desired amount of time to discuss in detail his job prospect or what field of work he would like to go into. In comparison with Wombwell High, Billy's school doesn't offer the same wide range of help available for school levers. I also feel that Billy will leave school without a sense of achievement or understanding of what life has to offer for him. ...read more.

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