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Imaginative writing - The Journey to Manchester

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English coursework- imaginative writing The Journey to Manchester Driving along a country lane, trees surrounding the long winding roads. Three people in their own little worlds'. Alex munching on sandwiches, Sally singing along to a song playing on the radio and then Daniel, head in his books'. "How come you needed to hitch hike anyway", asked Sally. There was no reply. This made Sally dubious, she had heard rumours about dodgy hitchhikers. However Daniel was reading his book and was into it that much that he hadn't heard Sally's question. "The woods always seem so mysterious at this time of night", says Sally. Alex added, "I know, with it being this time of year as well, I think it was that film the other day. ...read more.


Alex and Sally turned and looked at Daniel sitting on the back seat of the car. He was covered in books as if he was a bookshelf. 'BANG'. The car came to a sudden halt. "Oh my god, what was that?", screeched Sally. Everyone looked at each other, clueless. Alex stepped out of the car followed by Daniel. They couldn't see anything but the darkness and outlines of the trees as if giants were standing, swaying violently back and forth. Alex could hear something approaching them; he quickly turned and looked, "ahhh" he screamed, "a rat, a rat". Daniel laughed. Agreeing that it was most probably an animal they had hit, they went back to the car. They got back into the car, telling Sally it was just a deer. ...read more.


Sally couldn't wait to get home, have a cup of tea and then curl up in a nice cosy bed. Driving home she felt very alone and wondered why there was a sudden change in mood when they were driving home. She made her way home, through the door, up the stairs and into bed. Many days had passed, when Sally got a knock on the door. The knock was hard and blunt. Opening the door she was surprised to find two tall gentlemen in very smart suit dominating her door way. The older one of the two spoke, "We're from the 'murder investigation team', and we would like to speak to you about the murder of John Pickles on Bickenhill Wood Lane on Friday the 13th of October." Sally was very confused. She spoke, "oh!" By Penny Clarke ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Anthony Burgess section.

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