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Investigation story

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Investigation story It was just another one of those lazy summer mornings in the south London area, the sun was shining through the blinds, you could hear the birds chirping in the distance and you could hear Tracy the neighbour yelling at her husband as usual. Johnson woke up to the sound of his alarm clock, 'Damn thing' moaned Johnson as he grumbled out of his bed. If someone was to look at Johnson's flat it would look as if a hurricane had swept through it, but it was just another typical bachelor pad. As Johnson was brushing his teeth and getting ready the phone rang, he answered the phone saying, 'Hi, Johnson here'. It was George, his good for nothing partner which he knew since high school, replied, 'It's just gone ten mate, how come you aint at the station?' ...read more.


As he entered the house a strong smell of rotten flesh hit him instantly, you'd think that he'd get used to it, but there is nothing worse than a rotting corpse. It was a large Victorian end terraced house which was typically decorated in Victorian d�cor. As he drew closer to the god forsaken smell, he saw a young woman in her late 20's lying on her side, in the middle of a dark, dreary and lifeless room battered and bruised. She had blonde hair which was drenched in some dried blood, which meant the body had been there for quite some time. She was slim, and if alive a very attractive woman. Johnson got out his latex gloves feeling desolate and examined the body. ...read more.


While George was trying to comfort Larry, Johnson spotted some rather peculiar marks on his neck as he carried on weeping. Johnson was about to question Larry about the marks, he was distracted by another officer, asking for his attention. George carried on with his questioning trying to get background information on the victim, to make a profile. During his questioning he discovered that Claire had no living parents, or any siblings, she was raised by her grandparents, who had passed away recently. Johnson overhearing the interview did not understand who the murderer could be, he heard Larry mentioning that he had just come back from Spain, what could be the murders motives, there wasn't enough evidence to link anyone, not even Larry, it left Johnson baffled, perplexed and very suspicious ...... ?? ?? ?? ?? Adeem Azhar 10B2 ...read more.

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