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Jane was an ambitious, fun, outgoing 32-year-old

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Jane was an ambitious, fun, outgoing 32-year-old, working as very successful photographer. She lived in an apartment in California and was well known for her work. She had no family nearby, both of her parents had died in a car accident two years before, and Jane's sister, Kathy had married and moved to England 6 months before. Jane worked part-time for a well-known newspaper read all over the country; she had a steady, well-paid job there and at a modelling agency where she worked part time, she also earned extra money on projects with travel agencies and magazines etc. On a Saturday Morning about 10 am and Jane received a phone call from her newspaper editor, they were sending her to London to photograph a fashion show, taking place there. She was to leave on Monday. After receiving this news Jane phoned her sister to tell her she may be able to visit her. "Hi Kathy it's Jane" "Jane! How are you?" "I'm fine thanks. Listen Kathy can't talk long I'm in a rush, but I'm coming over to London on Monday my editor's sending me on an assignment to take photographs of the fashion show at Earls Court on Wednesday and so well ...lets meet up." "Sure. How about I collect you from the airport, what time is your flight due? And at which airport?" "Heathrow" "Yeah..." "And I'm not quite sure what time the flight is due he hasn't given me the full details yet so I'll either ring you back or send you an e-mail. ...read more.


"Oh my God!!" she cried in a whisper. Jane began trembling she knelt down and searched for a floppy disk in her handbag. She knew that if she were to get pictures of this they may be used in court and for the newspaper she worked for. She found the disk; she picked it up and with a shaky hand tried to slot it into the camera. When the camera registered the disk, Jane took two pictures one was not very clear as the camera was low on batteries, Jane replaced them with new ones and took another photo. The flash went off, Jane forgot to disable it. One of the men noticed it and was staring straight at Jane. Jane's heart jumped, she stayed there hoping that he hadn't been seen. This aspiration soon faded when the man shouted, "Hey!" Jane turned around and ran in terror her car was 10 metres the man called out to her again, Jane continued running. The other man took a shot at her; he missed and smashed her car window. Jane scrambled into the car and in a panic searched for her keys. The man took another shot, she heard the bullet ricochet off of the hubcap of her rear left tyre. In tears Jane managed to start the car, then after pulling herself together drove off as fast as she could. Out of breathe and in a state of shock, the tears started running down Jane's face again whilst her heart pounded in her chest. ...read more.


Jane shrieked on terror "Why? I'll tell you why, a certain miss spearman just had to take an incriminating photo of me, now she will pay, just like Reno." Jane was on her knees and the man stood behind her with his knife held to her neck taunting her. Thinking he was in full control the man looked around the kitchen for Jane's camera. This gave Jane her chance, she grabbed a frying pan from under a dish wash cloth and hit the back of the mans head as hard as she could. The man was knocked unconscious she ran through to the front door went outside, got straight into the car and in an absolute state drove to her friend Nancy's house. Nancy was Jane's best friend, and when Jane arrived at Nancy's house, pale faced and still out of breath they both sat down to talk about Jane's problem. Jane stayed at Nancy's house for two weeks, after the first week Jane's sister Kathy arrived and gae Jane the same advice as Nancy, which was to tell the police. Jane eventually cooperated with the police to imprison both murderers for life. It was found that the gunshot that Jane heard was the man's last bullet, which he missed with, and therefore did not kill Rena, the bloody knife, which Jane saw, was what killed Rena Goodyear. After the court case Jane joined a witness protection programme after several threats. Jane joined her sister in England and worked as a nanny for her for two years. Jane would never be recognised as the famous photographer again, though at 34 she married a wealthy businessman and moved to New York with him. ...read more.

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