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Jon is a lower middle class 21 year old living in Liverpool

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Ben Roeves Creative Writing 29.09.01 Jon is a lower middle class 21 year old living in Liverpool, his parents are on the dole and both are alcoholics and they treat his like a piece of dirt they scraped off their shoes. He sleeps in an unconverted attic with holes in the roof and no insulation, and in the day he either doesn't even get up or he goes to his friend Alex's house to use his state of the art PC. The one major piece of information that Jon has remembered from his time at school is how to programme in Visual Basic and other computer programming software, and over the previous few months they have been trying to produce a game to publish and sell on the PC market. It was quarter past nine when Jon stirred, he rolled over and banged his head on one of the ceiling beams, cursing he got up off the lumpy mattress and stumbled down the rickety stairs to the kitchen. His mother Cathy was sitting at the table already eating a piece of burned toast with a cup of what looked like hot chocolate, Jon sat down and poured himself some cornflakes into a mug because there were no clean bowls as nobody could be bothered to wash up. ...read more.


The office Jon stepped into was large, and covered with posters of computer games such as Dungeon Keeper and Max Payne, the furniture was made of a white leather like material, the desk of mahogany. Jon sat on the closest sofa to the door and marvelled at the view from the window, as he could see all across the city, even the Everton football ground. Alistair sat opposite him on an equally exquisite armchair and sighed the sigh of a man who has a perfect life, and doesn't want to change a thing. As Jon started to make a remark about how impressed he was with the games made by Bullfrog in the past, he was cut short by Alistair who put his hand up to stop him and said "listen here, normally we don't even consider games created by the public but curiosity has lead me to want to at least have a look at yours, but first tell will you tell me about it?" So Jon went on to describe how he had come up with the idea of Curse Of The Revenge Of The Werewolf, while trying miss out the parts involving Alex he almost let it slip that it had been both of them that had come up with the game idea and programmed it together. ...read more.


Waiting in the bus queue Jon realised he hadn't asked when he was to meet with Alistair but he decided that half past ten would be ok, the bus pulled up outside the Bullfrog office at ten fifteen so Jon decided to sit down outside for a while and watch the world go by. At ten twenty five he went up to the door, took a deep breath and strolled nervously inside, Jon was surprised to find himself face to face with a grinning Alistair, he wasn't prepared for this so he mumbled, " I thought we were meeting in your office" "You are pretty stupid aren't you? Did you really think that we would accept a low quality game from a low class loser like you? April fool loser!" Shoulders slumped, with tears in his eyes Jon walked away from the offices in dismay, his dreams shattered in one harsh moment of cruelty. He started to feel dizzy and heard noises inside of his head, the world went blank Jon sat up sweating, he had had a horrible nightmare his sheets were drenched in what he hoped was sweat, "come to think about it" he thought out loud "there isn't even a Bullfrog office in Liverpool." ...read more.

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