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Laura' Raquel Browning, a private investigator, sat at the window and watched him walk past. His head was lowered, and his right hand held

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'Laura' Raquel Browning, a private investigator, sat at the window and watched him walk past. His head was lowered, and his right hand held his overcoat fixed firmly against the wind. She watched him until he was out of her range of sight, then she picked up the telephone. Across the river, on the other side of town, the phone rang once, then again before Mrs Clifford reached over and placed the receiver next to her ear. "Hello," she said tentatively. "I have some news," came the response from Raquel. "Go ahead," Mrs Clifford said as she closed the parlour door. "He spent the night in a hotel named 'The Lion's Den' with a brunette woman whose name was 'Laura'. They dined earlier in the hotel restaurant before retiring to their room. He left at nine o'clock this morning." "Is that all?" Mrs Clifford asked. "Yes, that is all Ma'am; I will have another update soon." ...read more.


She went home, developed the photos, and placed them in a blank envelope. She addressed the envelope, and then posted the letter. 'A job well done', the Private Investigator thought as she tucked her hands into her pockets and started to walk home. Mrs Clifford opened the envelope, and pulled out the photographs. There were six in total, all showing Patrick and Laura in various stages of canoodling. Mrs Clifford's face darkened as she looked at each one. 'How could he? In public?' she thought as the maid, Jenkins walked into the room. She hastily pushed the photographs into the envelope again. The last thing she needed was the staff to be talking about this. "Tea, Mrs Clifford?" asked Miss Jenkins. "Yes, Thankyou." Miss Jenkins poured the tea into a bone china teacup and handed it to Mrs Clifford. Mrs Clifford pulled the photographs out of the envelope again, as Miss Jenkins left the room, and looked at them as she sipped her tea. Mrs Clifford recognised this woman 'Laura'. ...read more.


The private investigator was still snapping photographs when he stopped at a jewellery store. She continued taking photographs as he walked up to the counter, and briefly spoke to the saleswoman. The saleswoman disappeared into a back room, and the private investigator stopped taking photographs to replace the film. Once she had done that, she started taking photographs as the saleswoman reappeared with a box in her hand. The saleswoman opened the box revealing a diamond ring. Patrick nodded, and then paid. The private investigator smiled. Mrs Clifford would be happy with her work. She left, and posted the photographs. Mrs Clifford answered the door when Patrick arrived. He had Laura with him. Mrs Clifford already knew what she was about to hear, thanks to the private investigator. She wasn't sure she liked it, but she really had no choice in the matter. She waited for Patrick to say something, and when it came, it was not a surprise. "Hi mother," he said, "I'd like to introduce my fianc´┐Że, Laura." Mrs Clifford smiled as she welcomed her son and future daughter-in-law inside. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 ...read more.

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