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Little World, Little Place, Little Cupboard Little Space.

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Elliot Rushen Little World, Little Place, Little Cupboard Little Space. Hello readers, Today we talk about Elliot Rushen (a young man aged 15) on his work experience. It includes all sorts of exiting details such as love, hate, happiness, sadness and all other sorts of enthralling details. Elliot started his day by turning up on the 24th of October at 10:00am. He was extremely nervous and sweat was pouring of his body as he approached the door. He took a deep breathe and... It was locked. He tried all the doors and it seemed impossible to get in. It was an incredibly cold and windy day. All Elliot was wearing was a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of black trousers. The wind rushed threw his short shirtsleeves and chilled his body as if he was in a freezer. It got to 10:45am and Elliot described that he was, "More cold than a naked man in the north pole." ...read more.


She was certain that she'd want to meet up out of work sometime. Everyday seemed the same up until Friday. Elliot was tired, short tempered and felt like a brick. Heavy, cold and boring. Claire wasn't in for one thing so Elliot didn't have anyone to talk to. The Bruce came by. This was the start of the incredible, hateful and envy of Elliot VS Bruce (the task manager). He approached Elliot with a rather sarcastic and evil smile. He said that the auto bar needed tidying. Elliot went in there and there was a gigantic mess everywhere. Heavy chemicals that weighed a tone. Knives on top shelves just waiting to fall down. This surely can't be the place he meant. Bruce came in and yes there he said he. This is the auto bar. So Elliot slaved away for 9 long and painful hours. His back seized, his shoulder aced. But the worse thing, Claire had come in late. ...read more.


Lots more followed and Elliot was so relieved when he had finished. We asked Claire what she thought of this. She said it was incredibly harsh and it nobodies business if she gets with a guy at work. It wasn't her fault she felt attracted to Elliot was it? We caught up with the two lovebirds a few weeks later and now they going out. They both are incredibly happy with each other as partners and are deeply in love. Bruce was sacked from his job because Elliot made an official complaint and Bruce is now in the deep end. Elliot is happy that he got his revenge on that evil man. Bruce now works in a butchers. He isn't happy there and so he shouldn't be. He shouldn't have been such a stupid man. Oh and just so you know Elliot wasn't the only person that had happened to on his work expericne there. They have a bad reputation for work there. If you have your own work experience story or would like to make comments on Elliot's experience of horror write in at: 35 Chapple Chase Halstead Essex CB11 4DW ...read more.

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