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(Once the audience is quite, Open with the loud noise of a gunshot and a film clip about gun crime approximately 2 minutes long) (Begin speech once clip is finished standing tall and addressing audience) Like the film clip showed, you have choices in life, if you get to those cross roads, where you have to make a decision, make the right one. I have come here today to inform you of dangers of guns, the consequences of picking up a gun and to make sure every single one of you walk out of those doors, knowing you will make the right decision in life (pause 2seconds) the right decision, not to pick up a Gun. More gun crime is reported in London then in any other part of England, and you're living amongst it, which is why it is key that you are aware of the real dangers of guns and not aware of what some snotty news reporter says. It's easy to become accustom to this commercialised stereotypical view of solutions for gun crime because you hear it in the news and read it in newspapers every day. The Government seem to think they can reduce gun crime buy simply adding in a few new laws in the hope it will scare people out of wanting to pick up a gun. ...read more.


Or what if that person you look up to, you know the person whose trainers you copy, whose clothes you love, who has that charm with the opposite sex, that person you would love to be, what if that person got a gun (pause) would you do the same. The fact is if a weapon is used in an attack, the likeliness of someone getting hurt doubles and a threatening situation involving a weapon can escalate quickly and become violent. Weapons increase the likelihood of someone being killed, be it the intended victim or the attacker themselves. Even if you pick up a gun with the intents to just threaten and not kill, there's a huge chance you will, and there's a huge chance someone will get hurt, so why do it in the first place? I myself have been in that position (pause) about 5 years ago a couple of my friends got some money together and got a gun from some guy they knew, all having this glamorous picture of a rich lifestyle in their heads. This may have been because of the type of lifestyle they saw people with guns having, like rap stars and actors in movies. ...read more.


I'd like you all to visualise yourselves in my position, would you have gone along with your friends because it was the cool thing to do, or would you of said no and kept your life. Gun crime is like a never ending spiral, once your involved in it you can never escape it and it all starts by making that choice in life to By picking up a gun your not only endangering yourself you're endangering others around you friends family and loved ones. If you yourself feel you have nothing to lose, think about the guilt you would feel by being responsible for someone else's death, having the fact that you are the reason someone else is dead, when all you did was pick up a gun, could you live with yourself? I couldn't. You have options in life, chose the right one. Thank you all for listening and as I said before I hope you all walk out of those doors knowing you will take the right path in life, life's to short why cut it even shorter and by picking up a gun its like choosing death itself. (Hand out anti gun grime stickers to everyone as they leave so they remember the speech) Joaz Williamson: Gun crime speech ...read more.

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