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Monologue: The Stolen Party

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THE MONOLOGUE... "The moment of truth had arrived when Madam Senora Ines opened her purse and I realized that how one gesture can plunge intense agony and torture in the minds of humans in this world, which is full of social disparity and man made distinction" It had all started with an unpleasant argument between my mother and me regarding me going to a birthday party. Well, the problem was not the birthday party; it was a rich girl's birthday celebration. Finally, I ended up going there but only to discover a fact that would reel me in sudden shock and disbelief. I was paid as a maid for attending the party. ...read more.


In fact, I am Luciana's best friend- we complete our homework together everyday. So I was expecting both the yo-yo and the bracelet as a return gift at her birthday party, and I think I jolly well deserved it. I feel rather guilt-ridden and embarrassed that I did not take my mother's advice to the heart. All these years, she has protected me from the difference between the poor and the rich and has not let it affect me by any means. Even today she had tried to prevent me from remaining present at the rich peoples' party. She has always listened to what I have had to say and today, it was my turn to listen to her, but I did not. ...read more.


As for Luciana, our friendship will never change because I do not think all this was her fault. I shall always be a respectable and decent friend to her till such time when she does not need me. Once bit, twice shy, I will never again associate myself with the rich no matter how generous or benevolent they seem to be. Last but not the least, there is one thing I wish to share- always obey your parents because they have seen the world before you. Never abuse their experience. I am sure that we poor chaps are only destined for groveling in the dust and I hope against hopes one can fathom why. Rosaura WHY I CHOSE TO WRITE A MONOLOGUE... ...read more.

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