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My Grandparents

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Jermaine Maynard - Brown 11s GCSE English Mr Cummins Original Writing 27th November 2002 My Grandparents The piece of writing you are about to read is original and true. It is presented in the form of a Biography of three of my Grandparents my Dads parents (Granny Rita & Granddad) and Mums Mum (Nanny). Granny Rita My Dads Mums maiden was Mason it was given to her by her Fathers Father who was an Irish man. Her matrimonial name is Maynard her forename is Maynard I have always called her Granny Rita. Rita Mason was born in Bridgetown Barbados in January 1942. As a child, she was taught to be polite, friendly, good and helpful, this is most probably the truth as this is how she is today. Rita Mason left Barbados for England in 1959 aged 19. She took a course as a trainee nurse and realized that it wasn't the job for her so she gave up the course. She then got a job as a home machinist and made skirts and dresses for various factories. Eventually in 1972 when my dad was about 12, she stopped making clothes as a profession and got a City & Guilds degree in Baking and Decorating Cakes and other delicatessens by this time she had my Uncle George her second child. ...read more.


He was shot once in the leg, twice in the buttock and then four times in back it was said at the time by coroners that he might of survived if he didn't get shot so many times. He was pronounced dead at the scene by the time the Ambulance and Police had arrived. My Grandparents were informed of what had happened by my mum who was told by Nan who was told by one of her church friends who had seen the incident on a News Bulletin. Thru out my Uncles final days a flock of seven white doves were seen flying around the estate several times on the morning of my Uncles last day which was Friday 15th May 1992 two of them landed one at the back and one at the front of house. The block that he was shot in had walls stained with blood as people had often been murdered in them before. There were originally six of these 16 storey blocks that towered over Chingford hall Estate. They were all eventually pulled down after most of the local residents had signed a petition to have them blown down, as they were associated with drugs, violence and murder. The estate was left felling quiet and empty but it had become a safer place to live in for adults and children new facilities were put in like a Youth Club and a Park. ...read more.


When they went back to Jamaica in 1972 Jimmy & Tony decided to go with them Tony cam back for good 2yrs later Jimmy comes over whenever he can find the time. My Nan still bakes cakes and child minds although she a 60 yr old diabetic she is still strong and healthy and makes annual trips home to her Native Jamaica. She still bakes and child minds but not as much as she used to. She also doesn't take in as much children as she used to. My Nan has 18 Grand Children in Total, in the UK 14 living 1 dead at birth, 2 in Jamaica and 1 in the US. My Nan has 9 children 8 live over here in the UK Jimmy lives in Jamaica. My Nan makes sure that the family in Jamaica stays well looked after and cared for. My Nan's Dad sadly passed away at 23:00 Jamaica Time / 4.00GMT (24hr) on Saturday 22nd November 2002. He was very sick and in his early 90's The reason I chose these three of My Grandparents was because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't I be here today. In addition, out of 6 my Grand Parents alive today these three are the closest to me and have helped me in many ways as well as because of what they've done in their lives. ...read more.

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