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Original Writing Coursework

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Original Writing A cold, gloomy bank holiday, miserable days were perfect for the pharmaceutical industry. These were the days most money of the money was made. Cars flood the streets as police sirens break the peace in the city of New York. "How many orders have we got?" Shouted John. "We've got about 400 today and there's one from the president!" exclaimed Tim the Production manager. "Really, He must be ill" replied John Sympathetically. "Just get them processed by 5 o'clock." "Yes, boss!" growled Tim "I'm going outside for a break," shouted John. John was now exhausted and went for a walk around the city. The birds were singing and fluttered around as he walked past. As he approached an alley-way, a dark figure emerged from the darkness. John was terrified and froze like ice. He took a few steps back, thinking to run away. But he couldn't. "Are you John from the pharmaceutical company on 45th street?" whispered a terrorist loudly. "I'm the owner, why?" replied John hesitantly. The terrorist grabbed John by the shoulders and swung him in to the dark, miserable alley-way. ...read more.


He was very tall compared to the average adult. He had an average build; his muscles were toned because he was a regular at his local gym. "You do the clients and I'll do the president's!" shouted John from a distance. "Okay boss!" screamed Tim. John took the order and strode to his office. Shut the door's blind down. He walked slowly and gently towards his armchair and sat down. While scratching his head, he thought about what to do with the powder. He felt a sense of evilness in him. In the back of his mind he remembered what the president did to Afghanistan and Iraq. His eyes widened, and his fists tightened. He pulled out the powder from his pocket and slammed it on the table. He then got up and went to his cupboard and grabbed some tablets. He ground them up and added the white powder at the same time. Mixed it up and poured the white powder mixture in to a clear bag and then sealed it. A knock on the door interrupted him. ...read more.


Sat in his comfy armchair and fell asleep a few minutes later. The next morning he woke up, put on the television and switched over to the news. A report claimed that George Bush had dies of poisoning. John gasped, acting as he was terrified as Tim walked in. He stood behind John's armchair, tears flowing from his eyes. He then sat down and froze like a statue. John asked "What's wrong with you?" There was no reply. Suddenly a constant thud could be heard from the office. The main entrance was smashed through by the FBI. "Everyone, freeze and stop what you are doing!" Shouted the leader. John froze as they came in. Lots of thoughts rushed through his mind like a painful blizzard. Was this the end? What would happen next? The FBI Squad rushed in, they were heavily were heavily equipped with artillery, and wore bullet-proof vests under their navy blue uniform. They scattered themselves all over the factory; blocking all entrances and exits; surrounding the perimeter. "Tim Doherty, you are under arrest from the United States government, you have the right to remain silent, and anything you do say maybe given in evidence, which you may later rely on in court. Do you understand?" Tim replied "Yes, I understand..." ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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