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Perkins Diary Entry - How it Had Happened

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Question:- Imagine you are Perkins at the end of the story. Write your account of what happened during your drive back from the train station. Answer:- Dear Diary; What a crash I had and that too with the master's new motor, Robur! Although I had mastered the gears and the brakes of the motor it was not me was responsible for the crash. It was too everyone's surprise, Master may his soul rest forever in peace. It also surprises me that he didn't die in the World War but rather died in a car crash because the brakes of his new car broke. I was told by the master's butler to pick Master up from the train station as he would be returning late at night, to be precise half-past eleven from his workplace. I thought of taking the previous car which master has bought 5 months ago but nay he was so excited when he ordered the new Robur which come a week ago that he couldn't sleep during nights. ...read more.


But no he wasn't going to listen so I had to stop if I wanted to have this job and save my family from hunger and poverty. So, with master in the driver's seat we rode off towards home actually his home. When he drove till the Claystall Hill, I advised him to drive slowly and carefully but his reply towards my advice was that he had went across this hill several times and there was nothing to worry about. Though what he said was true but when I argued with him that it was the new car he was driving, he waved his hand across my face demanding me to be silent. Ignoring my advice he dashed his car at full speed towards the hills the way horses would run on hearing a bullet being fired. On reaching the top of the second hill, he tried to press the brakes, but one after another they gave away. ...read more.


As I was laid in despair and pain, I started to shout out for help. I called out the lodge keeper, Jim as his hut was before the gate of master's mansion. Jim came out along with his wife and started to cry for help after seeing my state. I shouted at the people who came for help to find master as it was only the leg which was in pain. They searched for him and they found him lying with a grin over his face breathless beside the damaged car. He was dead, dead, dead... This came a great shock to me as he was so happy driving the car and his happiness is what that took better of him. So, here I am searching for a job as a chauffeur in the streets of London as there was no one to serve after master's death. Need to persuade the rich man coming out of the gold shop to hire me. Bye... J. Perkins ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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