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ROOM 101 One frosty winters evening Owen was watching his favourite wildlife show he was so concentrated watching

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ROOM 101 One frosty winters evening Owen was watching his favourite wildlife show he was so concentrated watching the programme he couldn't hear any footsteps or his front gate opening. Then suddenly he heard a noise it sounded like someone was knocking on the door Owen uncared for it then a couple of minutes later he heard it again so he opened the door. Owen slowly opened the door and there was a man the man said to Owen 'Can I speak to Owen please?' Owen then replied 'yes that's me'. It was so dark that's when Owen had opened the door to see who the man was Owen asked him 'who are you?' the man then just grabbed Owen and put his hand over his mouth Owen tried to shout his Mum but she was in the shower so she couldn't hear him the man dragged him over to this white van where inside there were two men the two men pulled him in and pushed him onto this chair where they strapped his hands and legs to the chair. ...read more.


Who would want to do this to him? What an earth had he done? He was thinking. He could feel something on his leg gradually crawling upwards it was small, black with eight legs. He was sweating because he's really terrified of spiders. His heart was pounding very fast and shallow he was shaky. Owen rapidly heard footsteps he panicked he was thinking who could it be? What did they want with him? The door opened Owen couldn't see the man's face because he was wearing a mask. The man asked Owen if he wanted any food Owen replied 'yes please' the man brought the food in it was in a tray with a plate on the plate there were.........two lifeless rats and two lifeless spiders. 'Eat!' commanded the man. Owen was feeling unwell, as he could taste all the dead body parts from the rats in his mouth, his stomach was reeling as he tried to gulp down the food he started crying because he knew he couldn't eat the rest. ...read more.


He came in and said to Owen, 'are you hungry?' Owen fiercely said 'no!' he could still remember what he had eaten yesterday. The man said in a deep voice 'I am sure you are wondering who I am?' Owen then shouted, 'yes!' at this point Owen was feeling annoyed. The man slowly took off the mask and revealed to Owen who he was Owen almost fell of his chair in surprise because it was his best mate Jack. Jack was Owens best friend, but Owen had taken Jacks girlfriend. Owen did not realise that Jack was still in love with her. Owens face was red with anger he could not believe what Jack had done to him, he could have sorted it out by talking instead of hurting him and forcing him to eat the dead rat and spider. He could never be Jack's friend again. However, due to the extent of the torture, Owen left Jack's girlfriend because every time he looked at her it reminded him of what happened. This one mistake of taking Jack's girlfriend left him scared for life.............. ...read more.

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