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Sam's 19th Birthday: What could happen .............

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Assignment A GCSE - English Sam's 19th Birthday : What could happen ............. "Oh no" said Liam " Sam's passed out.... again" He carried on while rolling his eyes " It's your turn to wake him up I think George". George turned his head around ignoring the TV for the first time in 5 hours. " Huh?" being his usual talkative self " What you want now? They're about to show David Brent again". Liam, also known as Limpit to his closer friends, turned on a sixpence saying, "If you don't wake up Sam, that pizza will become stuck to his face permanently." He nodded towards a slumped Sam whose head was immersed in a mixture of pizza dough, cheese and tomato sauce along with a few stray beans on the side. George propped himself up trying to get a better look at Sam's head, which was by now slowly sinking further and further into the pizza dough. Peering around, George saw his younger brother Elliot with his legs behind his head trying to drink a bottle of cola at the same time. Liam noticed the expression on George's face. ...read more.


really wanted to do was see how much greasy muck he could get in Elliot's ears, hair and on his new trousers. He hadn't realised that all he had to do was untie his shoes. So, not much really." George at that turned around and started hoovering up the pizza again. Sam got up, looked around and saw that Isaac and Sophie weren't talking anymore as they were before he passed out for the second time that night. They were actually having a very competitive game of thumb wars using both hands. Sam wandered over to the doorway on the living room so he could see Elliot clearer. He chuckled to himself at the way Elliot was positioned. Now he was rolling on the floor trying unsuccessfully to get his arms about his ankles to reach his shoe laces. He looked at his watch since it was almost pitch black in the apartment apart from the odd lamp here and there and the TV being on. He pressed the button above the LCD display on his watch, which would make it speak out the time. "The time is now thrix tendemffffffff" "ah bugger!" ...read more.


She stopped briefly as she remembered what happened with Isaacs cake. "There is the small matter of the birthday cake that Isaac was making. While he was baking, it started to overflow in the oven and he must have done something to it because when he opened up the oven door it exploded all over the place, plastering the walls, ceiling and himself with cake mix and the icing that was in his hand at the time." "Bath City, League Cup winners for the second time in a row!" the TV roared, breaking the silence that had once again entered the room. "Scot Partridge, even without the aid of new boy Sam Buckley, still managed to get 2 goals in the last dying minutes to make it 3-2 to Bath City" " NO!!!" shouted Sam from across the room, not believing what he just heard "I missed the game! How could this happen to me?" He looked over to the bottles of beer and cider. "That could have been me," he sobbed "I'm never EVER drinking again." Ever so quietly and slowly everyone: Isaac, Liam, Sophie, George and Elliot, still with his legs behind his head, made their way out and into the cold night, leaving Sam to himself once again to look over what had been and what could have been. The End ...read more.

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