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Short story coursework

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05. November 2006 Unwanted Alex laughed with her friends as she waited for her Dad to pick her up. He's late, she thought. He's never late. Something must be wrong. After about half an hour, her Dad arrived, red-faced. She got inside their car and her Dad immediately made their way home. There is deadly silence between them. Alex sensed that something is not right, because her Dad usually ask her how it was in the school. Something is definitely wrong. After a few minutes her Dad broke the silence: "There's a rumour....around the neighbourhood." Alex just stared at her Dad. What's he talking about? What is going on? "The rumour is about you!" Her Dad continued. "What!? About me? What's the rumour?" Alex couldn't believe that someone rumours about her. "There's a rumour that some of our kin has seen you almost every day of the week at a certain bar. Smoking and drinking alcohol with some guy... I don't know his name." What!? Alex is too stunned to speak. "Who started the goddamn rumour!?" she thought. "Alex - Is it true?" "No Dad!! It's not true!! I haven't been smoking or drinking or going to some bar with a guy! Dad, please believe me. Somebody is abviously trying to destroy me...." "Don't reason with me young lady. ...read more.


The worst part is she also told Alex's Mom that Alex lost her virginity on this guy! But Maisie is lying. Laurence doesn't really exist. When Alex got home that day, her mother greeted her with a slap. Alex was startled. She stumbled and fell hard with her mouth on the floor. She looked at her mother with wide and inquiring eyes and a bleeding chin. "What did I do now?" Alex asked frightened. "I know that style of yours Alex." "What!?" Alex didn't understand what her mother was talking about. "The game's over Alex. I'm not as stupid as you think. I know all about you and Laurence. " "Which Laurence!? I don't know any Laurence." "Alex, why bother to cover up for your boyfriend?" "I have no boyfriend." "What's that you said?" "I said that guy you're talking about is no boyfriend of mine." "Why don't you just admit it Alex!? Why do you have to pretend that you don't know anything!?" "What is there to admit? What is there to hide?" "Goddamnit Alex! First, you go smoking with a guy named Laurence in a bar! And now, you actually lost your virginity on some other man!" "I lost my virginity? That's only bullshit! How do you suppose did I go into a bar and smoke with a guy? ...read more.


Alex's biggest fears are bodies of waters, because she couldn't swim. And she felt that she needed to face her fears even at the last hours of her life. She hired a boat, got in and started to row straight towards the centre of the lake. Many kilometres away, Alex's Mom woke up. She didn't know what woke her up. But she had the funny feeling that it has something to do with Alex. She got up and decided to check on Alex. She found her bedroom door locked. At first she called Alex, but she didn't get an answer. So she went downstairs and got the key. When she opened Alex's bedroom door, she found an empty bed and also an empty room. When she saw the opened window, she screamed a very ear-piercing scream. She woke her husband up and showed her that all. They both were looking for her a few meters around their house, but they couldn't find anything. At that time Alex reached the centre of the lake. She slowly inhaled and exhaled. She didn't know how to swim. Alex closed her eyes. She thought for a short time about her family. But she pushed it away. She shed a single tear before she jumped into the ice cold water and allowed the blackness of the lake to swallow her... Written by: Kamran Adnan (10 T2) ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Anthony Burgess section.

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