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The After Hour of Freedom

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Hannah DeBose Mrs. Donaldson Comp II 2/26/2006 The After Hour of Freedom After all the yelling and the doctor coming in to check on her, she knew that it was her time. She always wanted to explore the world and see other people beside her family. She was always around them and taken orders from them. In a way of grieving from her husband death, she was sad, but revealed to be finally free. Her life consisted of staying in the house and catering to his every need. Louise locked herself in their room in seclusion realizing that this was her time; she started packing everything she could get in her suitcase. Making sure not to disturbing her family down stairs to where they could get in her was of leaving. She did not want them to know; knowing that all they would do is try and make her stay. They like seeing her locked up from everything. ...read more.


Louise knew that the only part of the world that Louise had partially explored was her home. Her so-called love could not compare to the possession of self-assertion, which she suddenly recognized as the strongest impulse of being. She saw beyond the bitter moment a long procession of years to come that would belong to her absolutely. Not knowing where she was going Louise relaxed on the train as her seatmate sat next to her. She noticed that she was young woman probably in her late 20s early 30s. The young woman a beautiful slim size, with long blond hair and a nice skin tone. As they, both gazed out the window feeling free of everything's. As the train started to pull off, the women placed a smile of joy on their faces. As Louise looked in and saw that, she had a smile on her face she thought that it would be polite to introduce herself. ...read more.


He just tried to protect me from and did what he thought was best. Sometimes what best is not always right, stated Nora all we wanted was to be free. Nora said Louise do people think you are a bad person for leaving your kids. Yeah but I do not feel that way I love my kids. The train pulled up to the station, and both women arose and exited. Nora looks to the right as Louise looked to the left. They shook hand and Louise told Nora to live the rest of her life to the fullest with no more worried are catering except to herself. Nora smiled and nodded, as they walked away from each other the looked back with smiles of joy, happy to have met each other. WORKCITED Chopin Kate, "The Story of an Hour "Literature for Composition. Ed. Sylvan Barnet et al. 7th Ed. New York: Longman, 2005, 13-15 Norwegian Ibsen, Doll House Literature for Composition. Ed. Sylvan Barnet et al. 7th Ed. New York: Longman, 2005, ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 DeBose ...read more.

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