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The Assassin

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The Assassin Alex Salter stood in the alleyway next to The Cube. He lit a cigarette to kill time. The flame briefly lit up his face, which was masked by his cap and the hood of his jacket which he'd pulled up to make himself less recognisable. As he waited he went over the plan in his head, anticipating the finale; a grim smile crept onto his lips. As Alex came close to the end of his cigarette he heard the doors of The Cube opening and closing, so he put it out and leant up against the wall. He was well hidden because he was set back from the street and streetlamps, and the walls on either side of him cast great shadows that completely concealed him. He put his gloved hand into the pocket inside his jacket and removed his gun from it, putting it into his jeans, leaving his hand holding it there. Alex listened carefully as his victim locked up the club and walked towards his car. He heard a click as the car was unlocked. ...read more.


A cold breeze floated through the desolate setting. An old plastic bag danced in the wind's embrace. As O'Brien was led to the water's edge it occurred to him that maybe there was no way of stopping the inevitable. Maybe this was the end. He felt a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach. "So what's this all about?" he asked, attempting to cover up his growing fear. "On your knees please Mr O'Brien. Keep your hands on your head and don't move," Alex said, indicating the ground with his gun. O'Brien gulped, "You know if this is about Tracy, it was a mistake. She knows about it and she understands." Alex lit up a cigarette masterfully with one hand, the other held the gun. O'Brien tried again, "Look if it's McQueen, he was asking for it. He didn't pay up, he said there was a raid." Alex smiled. He loved it when his victims tried to make excuses. O'Brien continued, "Look mate. You're still young. You've got your whole life ahead of you, why waste your time doing this? ...read more.


Click. Bang. For a few seconds O'Brien wobbled slightly from side to side. Thud. O'Brien lay on his front. Blood trickled out of his mouth and his hair became matted with the blood that was pouring out of the hole in the back of his head. Alex rolled over the corpse. The eyes were open, empty. The jaw was dropped and the mouth was bloody. Alex had done this. It was at these moments that Alex completely understood why he had chosen to pursue this career. He didn't want any old office job, he didn't want to drive a bus, he didn't want to work in a chemist or shop. Alex Salter had the ultimate power of life or death. Alex stood for a minute or two indulging in the moment then he got down to work. He rolled the body into the dirty, murky water and watched it sink out of sight. He pulled out a small can of diesel and poured it over the bloodstains on the ground so it wouldn't appear to be blood should anyone look. When he'd finished Alex turned away with no remorse, looking forward to his next assignment. Florence Oakley 10H ...read more.

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