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The Golden Coast.

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The Golden Coast. " Hurry up! " Shouted Sam vindictively .Sam Courney was captain Landbrooks right hand man. Every order was taken out with a smiling face and a good attitude .Sam loved to give orders to others ,that was only if he had permission to first. Courtney stood six foot high his body built like a Trojon of war. It was enough to scare any sane man. His face was worn , scars from past battles at sea had taken their toll. His deep eye sockets were like two caves glaring at you ,his curly amber locks shone brightly on the darkest of days. Captain Landbrook was a rich noble man from Dover. His father Sir Henry Landbrook sailed the oceans for rich treasures and now his son James would follow in his fathers footsteps. Captain Landbrook was no more than five feet nine. His body was built much like Sams but his face was unscarred and had short black hair. The beautiful Galleon named " Le Lyon" which is French for ."The Lion". The Galleon structure was black and had a rich golden trim of that of a Lion .Its sixty cannons made it war-like. It changed its appearance when looked at its cannons , one moment the galleon looked beautiful and elegant the next moment the cannons popped out from each porthole transforming this merchant vessel into a formidable . ...read more.


Something caught his eye. He saw a dark object in the distance near an old withered palm tree. Soon all of the galleaon was active with men. Sam was notified, and soon there was a group of 20 men searching the area. Deeper and deeper into the sparce jungle the group of 20 men ventured. Most of the crew had never seen a jungle before. To them it was miles and miles deep, would it ever end ? It was a citrus green shock living all around them. One of the cabin crew (Jake) announced hurridly. "Captain , captain is it me or can ya smell smoke over here" ? Captain Landbrook said. "Speak up lad"! Jake repeated. Landbrook understood him this time and he sprinted over to Jake who was about twenty feet away. " A peculiar smell ", Landbrook said quietly with thought. He clambered through masses of leaves for a few feet and there it was. Thirty to forty tribesmen all dressed in burgundy sarongs with some kind of mask on circled around a blazing fire. The harder he looked the clearer he could see the painted white markings scattered randomly all over their bodies. (3) Landbrook said immediately, "We shall communicate to find out what they know about treasures around here. ...read more.


That must be asian Landbrook thought Before Sam had time to read out his attack plan the asian galleon had launched a cannon through the side of Le lyons hull.captain Landbrook orderd his men meniculously and said . "Men it's time to fight,lets unleash hell!" Shot after shaot of heavy gun fire was heard . The echoes of gun fire pounded in each and every man on board. "Lets move in ." said Sam hoarsely.The asian ship was getting over powerd in every way. Landbrook saw the disorganisation on the galleon and was taking advantage .Le lyon scrached its massive hull against the side of the opposing ship.Landbrooks men jumped onto the asian galleon using ropes. Asian men jumped off the sides of the ship and tried to swim to the shaw.Men were taken as hostage and were going to be thrown back on the coasts of Africa while athers perished under the shining steel sword. Soon men searched the ship for treasures high and low men searched until they came to an enclosed door shut by lock and key .Sam took out his deadly musket and blew a cave into the thick wood .The treasure literally poured out onto their feet.Rubies,diamonds,gold coins and emeralds were theirs to keep . Men rejoiced and Captain James Landbrook knew he had found his treasure. The End. By............. ...read more.

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