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The Greatest Canadian: John G. Diefenbaker

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The Greatest Canadian: John G. Diefenbaker Mixa Nguyen Mr. O'Rourke CHC2D June 18, 2007 Holy Cross Secondary School "I am not anti-American. But I am strongly pro-Canadian". This quote, said by former Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker, describes the kind of country Diefenbaker truly wanted Canada to be. Diefenbaker, better known as "The Chief", was a passionate and strong politician who wanted to end the growing American influence within Canada. John Diefenbaker is a notable figure whose name is instantly recognized by many Canadians. He has accomplished a number of distinguished and honorable achievements that have affected Canada greatly. His accomplishments have made such an impact on Canada today, and for these achievements he has made himself a legacy. John Diefenbaker is the greatest Canadian. John Diefenbaker has made Canada a better country through his accomplishments. He honorably served in the First World War for a short time in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, but was soon sent back to Canada due to a severe injury. In 1919, he became a criminal lawyer and he was known for respectively representing poor clients. He represented 20 murder cases, and outstandingly lost only 2. Diefenbaker went into politics in 1920 when he was elected to be an alderman for the municipal government of Wakaw, Saskatchewan. This career soon ended in 1923 when he was not re-elected into the city council. ...read more.


As well, he appointed the first female cabinet minister, which promoted women's contributions in politics and changed Canada's political structure. His greatest accomplishment was the Bill of Rights. Diefenbaker respectively introduced the Canadian Bill of Rights, which ensures that all Canadians have the basic freedoms of speech, worship, and assembly no matter what their race, ethnic origin, or sex is. Diefenbaker lost in the 1963 federal election to Lester B. Pearson, but still remained the leader of the Official Opposition for the Conservatives. Throughout his lifetime, Diefenbaker received a total of 36 honorary degrees from Universities in Canada and the United States. Therefore, it is evident through his accomplishments that John G. Diefenbaker is a great Canadian hero who will be forever remembered throughout history. John Diefenbaker has left an outstanding impact on Canadian society. His Bill of Rights has shaped Canada to what it is today. Canada is best known for its multiculturalism and tolerance for people of all races, and Diefenbaker's Bill of Rights guarantees that all Canadians will be accepted for who they are. The Bill of Rights ensures that every person within Canada will have the basic freedoms of speech, worship, and assembly despite their race, religion, and sex. As well, his representation for the underdogs of society has helped Canada recognize the less fortunate and help support them throughout their struggles. ...read more.


The Diefenbaker Canada Centre is on the University of Saskatchewan campus and it is a museum and archives devoted to John Diefenbaker. There are also numerous schools named after John Diefenbaker, including The John Diefenbaker Secondary School in Hanover, the John George Diefenbaker Public School located in Scarborough, the John Diefenbaker Public School in Prince Albert, the John G. Diefenbaker Sr. High School in northwest Calgary, and the John G. Diefenbaker Elementary school in Richmond. As well, there is a Lake Diefenbaker on the South Saskatchewan River. There is also a major park in Saskatoon named after Diefenbaker and there is a corner named the Diefenbaker Corner in the City of Saskatoon. All in all, John Diefenbakr is remembered today for his respectable and honorable accomplishments that has left a great impact on Canada. Therefore, John G. Diefenbaker is the greatest Canadian. He is a respected and honorable man who will be forever remembered throughout history. In his 84 years of life, he has achieved several great accomplishments that have made him a distinguished man. His greatest accomplishment was introducing the Bill of Rights, which has created equality and tolerance to all citizens throughout Canada. He also brought economic wealth into Canada by addressing industries that required assistance and focused on increasing output. He has become a legacy due to his accomplishments and the impact of those achievements. All in all, John Diefenbaker is a remarkable individual who has shown great dedication and heroism throughout his life. ...read more.

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