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The letters were gone

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She looked at her wide-eyed little sister. A smile flashed over her little face, like sunshine over a flower. She was instinctively waiting for the deserved praises from her sister. " So are you going out with me?" her little sister asked. She had just had the rug pulled out from under her. She felt uprooted. Her eyes smouldered with rage. Ignoring her little sister, she hurriedly walked to her room and slammed the door in her sister's face. " Get lost! You've caused enough problems for today!" she shouted. " But I tidied your room and posted your letters!" her bewildered little sister said. " I didn't even ask for your 'help'? Didn't I tell you not to mess with my stuff. Why do you have to be such a good-for-nothing, fat, annoying, little..." she trailed off, discharging her anger on her little sister. Her little sister's eyes were overflowing with disappointment. In tears she stomped off, lowered and hurt by her sister. Her eyes and ears were closed to everything around her, even her little sister. She just sat there helplessly. Her eyeballs fixed to the drawer where her letters where clandestinely cloaked by her Shakespeare textbook. She had been stupid to leave them there. Her intrusive, big-eyed sister was bound to find them. ...read more.


After she had tidied your room. You could have at least shown a bit of gratitude" " She invaded my privacy!" she contended. " She was only trying to help." her mum said appealingly. " Mum," her little sister interrupted. "Yes, darling?" her mum said. " She also said a naughty word to me." her little sister replied. " You've been swearing in front of the poor child as well?!" she erupted. "I didn't swear, mum, I promise." she flabbergasted by her sister's actions. " Lying won't get you out of this one, young lady. You're grounded for two days!" She ran upstairs, feeling as dumb as a fish. She collapsed on her bed, sulking. She had another knotty problem. She was grounded. She sat there trying to churn out ideas out of this mess. *** Oh no! I can't believe this is happening! My stupid little sister has done it again. She's got me into trouble. I knew she was up to something, the way she was being unbelievably nice to me earlier. I can't believe mum believed her over me! That was just so unfair! She believed that manipulative stupid little idiot over me. Mum believes everything she says; mum is silly putty in her little hands. I will get her back though, once I've sorted this out. ...read more.


She grunted in annoyance as it seemed time was on a stand-still. She started watching the people on the streets. She started of by being a fashion critic; criticising their dressing in her mind. Everyone she saw seemed to be oddly dressed to her. No one was dressed in a fashionable way. She got bored and started criticising their features. She saw a lot of big noses and spotty faces. No one looked as perfect as she did. She got bored of doing that too. She just sat there and stared at the pavement. She watched the little insects that busily crawled on the floor. There were many of them probably twenty of the same specie. They all disappeared in a hole on the pavement. She watched them in amazement. She tried to count them as they went in the hole. 1...2.....3.....4.... She yawned. She started to get sleepy. Her eyelids started getting heavy. She struggled to keep her eyes open. Her eyelids shut. She fell asleep. She was sleeping uncomfortably with her head unsupported. She sub-consciously repositioned herself. She now lay on the bench. Time went by as she slept. the postman started delivering the letters. He drew closer to George's home. She was still asleep. Fast asleep. The postman was a few houses away, she was still asleep. The postman got to George's house. She was still asleep. The letters were in George's house. She was still fast asleep. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.

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